Dental Hygienist Dress Code and Attire

Dental hygienists, like other medical professionals, have their own dress code.

This is not only to establish a professional appearance, but it can also have an impact on quality and contribute to patient and employee safety.

If you're new to working as a dental hygienist and aren't sure what the basic dress code is, don't worry; we're here to help!

Work attire 


Scrubs are the most common clothing for dental employees. Aside from making the dental hygienists easily identifiable and providing comfort and range of movement for the wearer, scrubs offer adequate protection against bodily fluids.


Wearing underscrubs is no longer necessary if you are using a lab coat. But if not, you should consider wearing one!

Just like the scrubs, the underscrubs provide an additional layer of protection to your skin. It also helps you avoid possible exposures to harmful fluids.

Lab coat

Lab coats are also essential clothing that a dental hygienist must wear, especially if they are doing some dental procedures.

On top of protecting the wearer from accidental spill or contact, lab coats also prevent contamination from spreading beyond the clinic.

Foot attire

Dental hygienists are on their feet for the majority of the day. Walking, running, leaning, bending over, and other activities are common among their activities. So, wearing comfy shoes while working is a must!

Hair and nails

Pulling back long hair from your face and tying it in a bun may be preferable for anyone with long hair. Most employers won't want your hair to get in the way while working, or worse, falling on your patient's mouth!

It is generally advisable to trim nails, especially if they are too long. Again, proper hygiene is a must! 

Remember, bacteria can build up underneath nails that aren't thoroughly cleaned!

Medical gloves

Medical gloves are standard if you are conducting any dental procedures. They protect your hands from bacteria, viruses, and other microbes transmitted by the blood and saliva of patients.


Although you may love to accessorize, there's no need to wear dangly earrings or long necklaces as a hygienist. It would be advisable to remove jewelry while working to avoid any distraction or accident.

You can wear a small watch to keep track of time and a small ring, as long as it doesn't distract you from your task.

Name Tags

Depending on the clinic, name tags may be required


Some employers believe name tags complete the professional image for a dental hygienist and provide a more personal experience for patients, who may feel they are being helped by a friend rather than a medical professional.

Interview Attire

Since you will be working with other dental professionals, wearing something formal and respectable is recommended. It is advisable to dress in professional business attire.


Many professionals recommend long-sleeved shirts with a necktie and a classic business suit for men.

Fitted blouses, dress shirts, and button-down shirts with conservative cuts are appropriate for women.


Khakis, a decent pair of jeans (darker wash, no holes, and not faded), suit pants, or dress pants may be appropriate for men.

Slacks may be appropriate for women. However, a knee-length skirt or a knee-length dress are other options too.


Wear shoes that are both comfy and stylish!

For men, you may wear clean and polished leather or leather-like shoes. In addition, make sure that your shoe color will match your belt.

Women may wear flats or heels, such as loafers, kitten heels, ankle boots, or pumps. 

If you do decide to wear heels, keep in mind that they shouldn't be too high.


Accessories can really add and enhance the look of your outfit. However, keep in mind that too much is not ideal!

For example, avoid large earrings or tinkling bracelets because they can be distracting. You can also wear a small watch if it compliments your outfit.

Hair, nail, and make-up

Men's hair should be neatly cut

Hair length for women may vary. You may, however, wear your hair in a ponytail, pin one side back, or in a bun.

In addition, it is necessary to clean and trim the nails. Wearing light make-up is recommended when it comes to make-up.

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