Dental Assistant Work Attire

If you are a dental assistant going in for an interview it is important to dress for success

However, once you have gone through the interview process and landed the position, what should you be wearing to work on a regular basis as a dental assistant? 

Wearing the proper dental assistant working attire is essential as being the best dental assistant you can be in a dental office. 

You can't simply put on whatever you want! Remember that one's appearance reflects one's personality and indicates one's professionalism in both job and life.

Furthermore, dental assistant work attire not only makes you feel more at ease, but it also contributes to the safe and hygienic practice environment that your dental team strives to maintain every day.

So, whether you're new to the profession or just need a refresher on what to wear, this article has you covered!


Have you ever noticed that most of the staff at the dentist's office seem to be wearing scrubs?

If you said YES, then the answer is scrubs are necessary for the safety of both dental assistants (or any medical professional) and the patient.

On top of being easily cleaned, scrubs are essential dental assistant apparel because they protect the dental assistant from droplets of saliva or other debris that can stick to their clothing during daily require tasks on the job.

Protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves

When there is a possibility of blood or saliva splattering, washable or disposable gowns, lab coats, surgical masks, and protective eyewear should be used

As for the gloves, it is required whenever the dental assistant comes into contact with blood, saliva, fluids, mucous membranes, contaminated surfaces, or oral lesions. In addition, you should use new gloves every time you have a new patient.

If the gloves are ripped or punctured, they must be removed immediately and the dental staff must cleanse their hands before replacing them. 


It is recommended to stop wearing jewelry that could interfere with glove use or dental treatment in general (necklaces that hang low, potentially interfering with the dental procedure).


While all aspects of your attire are vital, selecting the appropriate pair of shoes is particularly crucial.

Multiple times a day, dental assistants will walk back and forth from the office, to the waiting room, to the chair dental patients are receiving care. 

So taking care of your feet while wearing the right shoes is essential.

In addition, we can recommend tennis shoes for dental assistants. They are built with the purpose of supporting your foot while protecting them.

Overall appearance

As for your overall appearance, dental assistants must look presentable and professional. You can achieve this by:

  • Having neat and clean hair. For women, hair can be pulled back so it won't get in your way while working.
  • Trimming off the nails if they are too long.
  • Avoid strongly-scented perfumes since some of the patients or co-employees can be allergic to the smell of perfumes.

Next steps

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