Beware of using Social Media to find jobs or temps.

I see it more and more. Social media platforms or groups attempting to convert into specialized employment boards. As a member of several groups myself, I constantly get bombarded with messages from countless hygienists and assistants that are "available" next Tuesday or Thursday. Enough already. I'm unsubscribing!

That's not what groups we're created for! At least not in my opinion. Social groups are designed to share a collection of ideas with people with similar interests. Job Boards are where you go to find jobs!!

How do you know they are who they say they are?

As an employer, would you really just randomly contact someone on social media and invite them into your office to work on your patients? Haven't you been watching the news!! People on platforms like Facebook or Linkedin are simply whoever they say they are! There is no verification process. No background checks. No proof of certification or licensure. Heck, you don't even know if your getting someone's real name!

To use a platform like this for employment purposes can be disastrous. Although most intentions are probably good, you are facilitating a new route for those wishing to mislead. And this isn't only for those looking to hire. It goes for job seekers as well.

As the owner of a niche staffing agency, I've seen a lot. Not all of our candidates work out for us. And there are even some doctors that we've had to let go. It's unbelievable to me to see the very people we've suspended from our site crawling all over social media platforms trying to land work or find temps. Hello people!! Some of these temps don't show up and some of these doctors don't pay!! Why are you so willing to trust them when you don't have a clue of who they really are?? That's crazy.

I would say the safe bet here is to stick to a reputable platform that has RELATIONSHIPS with those they service. Somewhere where you can believe what you see because it's been CHECKED and VERIFIED. And to work for an office that actually pays you for your efforts. Services like that would have a lot of value for someone trying to find jobs or looking for help. I've heard of a company like that in dentistry called Princess Dental Staffing.

You've been warned.

Posted in uncategorized at 08/15/2019 6:43pm