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How can i find a dental assistant?

With the economy in full gear, it seems that everyone with a pulse has a job. And the demand for work force individuals is at an all time high. Dentistry is no different. With more people insured than ever before, there can be waiting lists at your dentist office to get your teeth cleaned. For dentists, finding the right help can be a challenge. Most candidates have little or no experience, and the ones that do already have jobs or get picked up quickly when looking. This can lead to frustration when help is really needed, and there are other implications to a low employment rate as well.

Dental assistants for hire.

Leave the heavy lifting to the pros. At times like these, the resources that staffing agencies have available to them far exceed any potential reach of an individual doctor. Plus, staffing agencies themselves are in a very competitive space and fees may be at an all time low. Even agencies like Princess Dental Staffing have evolved into a monthly plan format, saving dentists even more money than ever before. For as little as $39, you can try out as many temps as you can handle in one months time. For $79, you can access the entire resume database. Those fees, in comparison to some of the larger job board fees, are a smashing bargain. Consider the time and financial savings achieved by utilizing these database utilities. Doing it yourself isn't always the best route. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. And although some of the larger board offer "free" job postings, i would steer clear of these and stick with the niche boards who know and understand dentistry.

When hiring dental staff.

Always start slow. Do a trial run. Agree to a 30 day trial. Have the new employee who interviewed well prove themselves in the dental office battleground, with real patients. You'll get to know someone really fast when you work right beside them. Put the new person in challenging situations and see how they handle stress. You'll want to base your hiring decisions on performance, not interviewing skills. For more tips on how to hire the right person, there is plenty of online advice.

Dental staffing challenges...

Keep on grinding and you will with time be able to build your own dental dream team. Listen to your other staff members. And always remember to be a leader, set a good example and have fun in your wonderful career!  
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