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Dental Hygienist needed in our dental office

Atrium Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Cypress, CA  •  Permanent Job

Experience Required
at least 1 year
Software Experience

Our outstanding dental practice is seeking an exceptional Dental Hygienist for an opportunity to join our dedicated team. 

Who We Are
We are team oriented, fee-for-service private practice. Office is high tech and paperless to increase productivity and efficiency. We focus on quality patient care and oral education. patient relationship is our priory. 

Who Are We Looking for:

  • The RDH is in a special position to provide our patients the most important health service: ongoing preventive oral care by cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth to prevent gum disease, screening for potential caries lesion, oral abnormalities/cancers and mal-occlusion, educating patients on proper and effective home care.

    Essential Duties: 

    • Records treatment information on the patient's chart, including treatment rendered, the type of treatment planned and the amount of chair time, doctor time and assistant time needed for next appointment.

    • Takes radiographs (panoramic, PA, BW) and intra-oral photos as needed or directed by the dentist. 

    • Records evaluation of periodontal conditions/depths, potential caries lesion, occlusal relation, presence of mal-occlusion and extent of prophylaxis on dental chart to ensure a complete diagnosis and proper treatment plan by the dentist.

    • Provides customer service support to patients by escorting them to and from the treatment room.

    • Applies non‑aerosol and non‑caustic topical agents and pit and fissure sealants.

    • Removes excess cement from supragingival surfaces of teeth.

    • Assists doctor during clinical exam and record findings and recommendations.

    • Maintains cleanliness of the treatment rooms, sterilization room, lab, patient and staff restrooms,  and staff lounge area.

    • Performs oral cancer exam on all patients.

    • Scales, polishes, and applies fluoride to patient’s teeth.

    • Prepares all treatment rooms including, but not limited to, set-up, decontamination, sterilizing and sharpening all instruments, cleaning hand pieces and room, restocking supplies.

    • Places and removes post‑extraction and periodontal dressings or sutures.

    • Inspects patient’s oral cavity and charts lesions, existing restorations and missing teeth.

    • Evaluates gingival health and health of all oral tissue.

    • Executes root planing and Myofunctional evaluations.

    • Educates patients on the importance of preventative care, the disease process and the role of bacteria; provides appropriate educational literature and instruction on home care.

    • Polishes restorations and appliances (partials, dentures, etc.).

    • Administers temporary cementation and removal of temporary crowns.

    • Schedules patient’s next treatment appointment, or communicates with appropriate staff to ensure this is done before patient leaves the practice.

    • Implements and monitors recall system; contacts patients who are overdue for a recall.

    • Helps fill the patient schedule when there are openings to keep production levels high each day.

    • Facilitates all periodontal instrumentation packaging for proper sterilization.

    • Administers proper anesthetics before each root scaling and planing procedure or as directed by the dentist.   

Posted about 2 months ago