About Us

Our mission at Princess Dental Staffing is to streamline the process of connecting dentists to potential employees by utilizing a common online application.

About us

The design is simple. Using a specialized search engine, we allow dentists to locate local candidates looking for work online. Our platform showcases jobseekers profiles, which includes skillset summaries and professional headshots, to dentists actively searching for their services.

Need a temp, fast? Our site books temps, too! Applying advanced technology, you'll be able to create and fulfill temporary requests within minutes. And best of all, you can pick the temp who's coming and track your job's progress in real time!

At Princess Dental Staffing, we understand that maintaining the perfect staff can be challenging. We continually modify and renovate our site to make the task easier. We hope your experience with us is an exceptional one as we continue in our efforts to serve you.