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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading job source in dentistry, for both temporary and permanent opportunities.

Our Vision

Princess Dental Staffing's vision is to connect dental job seekers with dental employers looking to hire both temporary and permanent positions in a fast, easy, and economical way.

Our Values


We aim for simplicity by using a basic design that is user friendly. We've created a simple search engine that allows dentists to locate and filter through local candidates looking for work, and for candidates to connect with dental professionals looking to fill job openings.


We continually modify and update our site to make finding staff and jobs easier. While the main objective is always to match the right candidate to the right job, the experience along the way is of equal importance.


We are committed to embracing technology advancements and applying them to the needs of both dental job seekers and employers. This allows our users to enjoy a modern and up to date platform to fulfill their professional employment needs.


We are committed to giving both dental job seekers and employers choices through transparency. Employers looking to fulfil temporary and permanent job openings can selectively choose from profiles of candidates who are actively looking. And job seekers themselves have the opportunity to research employer profiles, selecting from employment opportunities that they can trust.

Customer Care

We strive to exceed customer expectations through dynamic listening and timely responses. We continually educate our own staff as well as our users to ensure the best user experience possible.


We are committed to supporting the dental community and the future of dentistry. Our founder, a practicing dentist, believes in giving back to the profession he loves and is grateful for the opportunities it has provided him. The Princess Dental Staffing Dental Scholarship is an example of how we encourage students to pursue and fulfill their dreams of a career in dentistry. We hope to positively impact everyone who we are fortunate enough to come into contact with.

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