Temping with Princess Dental Staffing

Once your profile is active and your availability is set, you will begin to receive temporary job opportunities via text and/or email (you can modify your preferences in your Account Settings). Please be sure to respond to each temporary job request that you receive, even if you must decline. Jobs fill fast, as employers often select more than one candidate per temporary job. Don't get frustrated if you click a link to find that the job has already been filled. Next time be faster! Ignoring temporary job requests by not responding will reduce your chances of being selected in the future.

Upon accepting a temp job, you shall receive a confirmation. If you didn't receive a confirmation, you may want to double check to see if your acceptance was recorded. If you ever have questions about a job, your jobs and job history is always accessible in your account.

Prior to Arriving

  • Call the dentist’s office to confirm your date(s) as soon as you’ve accepted the position. Get driving directions and confirm the time you are expected to arrive.
  • Ask what the dentist expects you to wear and what they may be providing for you.
  • If you need to know when the office will be paying you, ask the business staff. Offices have up to 10 business days to pay wages.

Upon Arriving

  • Familiarize yourself with the office layout, equipment and what emergency procedures are in place. Note the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets manual and review it for unfamiliar products if necessary. Ask staff members for guidance with sterilization, chart entries, office forms and anything else you may need assistance with.
  • Ask how they would like to track your hours worked. We do not provide time sheets.
  • Ask if there are any federal or state forms that they would like you to fill out. Carrying copies of standard forms (like a W-9) is recommended. Make sure you have your driver’s license, professional license and any certifications required for your job (if applicable).
  • If they request you for additional days of work while on the job, ask that they book it through our website’s automated system.

Other Information

  • Contact us if you are not being paid the correct hourly rate (you set your own temping rate in your Profile) or in a timely manner. There is a 4 hour minimum to be paid for each shift.
  • If you are unhappy with the working conditions or if your safety/health is in jeopardy, please inform us immediately.
  • If you have an emergency and cannot fulfill an accepted position, you MUST cancel the job using your online account. Use the My Jobs menu tab to locate and cancel the job. You must also call the employer immediately. Failure to follow this protocol may result in your account being penalized or suspended.

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