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Welcome to Princess Dental Staffing! As your Denver dental staffing agency, we connect employers with job seekers for positions like dental front office, dental hygienist, and dental assistant.

Denver, CO Candidate Stats

There are currently over 80 dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and front office candidates available near Denver, CO.


Near Denver, CO

between $8 - $150 / hour
average: $93 / hour


Dental Hygienists
Near Denver, CO

between $21 - $70 / hour
average: $47 / hour


Dental Assistants
Near Denver, CO

between $11 - $55 / hour
average: $22 / hour


Front Office Staff
Near Denver, CO

between $11 - $65 / hour
average: $23 / hour

How our staffing agency in Denver can help you

Whether you've used a staffing agency before or are posting a job for the first time, your experience with Princess Dental Staffing will probably be very different from previous staffing services you may be used to.

Perhaps it will change the way you look at hiring...

Here are a few reasons why Princess Dental Staffing in Denver is your perfect partner for your staffing needs:

  • Simple monthly subscription plan
  • No additional hiring fees
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Change your plan or cancel anytime
  • Quality, pre-screened dental candidates

Staffing services provided by our staffing agents offer your business an easy and affordable way to approach hiring staff for your dental office.

How our staffing services improve your business

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is go through a stack of resumes, only to do a licensure check on the Colorado Dental Board website and find out the candidate you chose to interview has an expired license.

We do all the prescreening for you, so you know the candidates you're considering have the appropriate license, as well as any experience and certifications you indicate for the job.

After the job is complete, you may leave feedback on our site to help us continue to improve our selection of candidates we make available to our employers. If a candidate receives many low ratings or has a history of not showing up to work, they are removed from future job offerings.

Whatever positions you need filled, call our Denver staffing office to learn how our online service can provide you with a list of qualified candidates.

Job outlook of the dental industry in Denver

The need for dentists and other occupations within the dental industry is expected to increase steadily in the upcoming years in Colorado, just like the upward trend already taking place. This is due to the fact that the need for quality oral healthcare is increasing often, as there is more research linking oral healthcare to overall healthcare. The population as a whole is also aging, which requires better oral healthcare and more expensive treatments, products, and tools.

For example, the number of dental hygienists in Colorado is expected to increase from 4,042 in 2013 to 5,244 by 2023. This shows an approximate 2.6% increase per year, which is higher than the annual growth rate for all other occupations.

For dental assistants, the number of employed workers in Colorado is expected to increase from 6,107 in 2013 to 7,460 by 2023. This predicts an average annual growth rate of 2% for dental assistants within this time period.

Salaries in the dental industry in Denver

Dental salaries in the Denver area

In Denver, the average salary for dentists is $160,947 a year, which is 0% above or below the national average. The lower end of the salary range for dentists is $137,000 a year, and the higher end of the range is $248,000 a year.

Dental hygienists make an average salary of $65,412 a year in Denver, which is 5% above the national average. The lowest they are paid is $46,000 a year, and the highest they are paid is $84,000 a year.

The average salary for dental assistants in Denver is $40,573 a year, which is 8% above the national average. The lower end of the salary spectrum is $31,000 a year, and the higher end of the spectrum is $51,000 a year.

In Denver, dental front office staff make an average salary of $29,686 a year, which is 6% above the national average. The lowest salary they earn is $23,000 a year, and the highest salary they earn is $38,000 a year.

Denver, CO Job Stats

Over 1100 jobs have been opened in the Denver, CO area.


Dentist Jobs
Near Denver, CO


Dental Hygienist Jobs
Near Denver, CO


Dental Assistant Jobs
Near Denver, CO


Front Office Staff Jobs
Near Denver, CO

Meet The Staff

Photo of Dr. Chris Lewandowski, Princess Dental Staffing

Chris Lewandowski

Dr. Lewandowski has always had a keen sense of practicality. Throughout his career as a dentist, staffing his office remained one of the most pressing and time consuming tasks associated with running the business. He really wanted to make finding staff easier, and found the status quo quite frustrating and dated. That was always the drive behind building a new type of staffing company.

Dr. Lewandowski founded Princess Dental Staffing over 10 years ago. Along the way, with the input of many talented candidates and employers, Princess Dental Staffing has grown and evolved into the powerful platform in use today. Utilizing the emerging technologies of the internet, plus the convenience of the cell phone, Princess continually advances to meet the demands of its users.

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