COVID-19 Updates:
What dental offices need to know

Covid-19 continues to wreck havok on the world. And it hits home right in our own dental office workplaces.

Patients will be scrutinizing the practice like never before. Safety and cleanliness expectations will be extremely high, whereas previous sanitization methods may have simply been assumed.

Dental staff will also have to make some changes. Temperature checks, additional protections equipment and aerosol reducers are now a common dental standard.

With so many experts handing out advice, including the WHO, the CDC, the ADA, and even local government, the message received by dental staff may be mixed or unclear, and difficult to keep up with. And each state has adopted varying policies of what is required for dentists to "re-open", often leaving it up to the dentist’s discretion. This has made the idea of returning to work uneasy for some professionals.

For Candidates Looking For Work

Covid-19 has brought with it various new protocols, including equipment modifications and new PPEs to improve the safety of staff and patients.

We take your safety very seriously. We have reached out to our employers and have been assured that all of the guidance recommended by the ADA and local governing boards is being adhered to, which includes providing the necessary PPEs to staff. We're all in this together, and of course we want to practice dentistry in the safest manner possible.

If you ever run into a situation that you feel may not be safe to work in, please let us know immediately.

Before accepting temporary work, you may want to check with the office your agreeing to work at to make sure their adaptations meet your standards. If there are specific PPEs that you require, you may want to find and acquire them on your own.

For most states, it is the doctor's discretion as to what is needed to safety practice dentistry, and they may not be required to provide everything on your wish list.

We are aware of the new California regulations requiring health care workers to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. You will be required to provide the necessary documentation to employers before any temporary shift can be worked through our platform. If this documentation is not readily available, or if you choose not to follow the state guidelines, please remove your temporary eligibility from your profile until you qualify to work again.

For Employers Looking For Help

As patients return to the office, many dentists continue to struggle to find staff to help.

During this time of uncertainty, utilizing temporary help may be to your advantage. The day to day flexibility provided by temps can quickly fulfill your needs while maintaining your ability to rapidly adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Providing as much PPE as possible will be a boon to morale, as well as a potential recruiting tool if you need outside help. If your staff doesn’t feel safe, they may unintentionally convey that to the patients they’re treating. Plus, if someone on your staff gets sick, it is highly likely that others on the staff will follow suit. Being safe is of extreme importance currently for all of us.

We are aware of the new California regulations requiring health care workers to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. We are working on a streamlined solution to this issue, but in the interim are leaving it up to employers to adhere to these guidelines by confirming in advance the vaccination or test status of any temporary worker that you choose to schedule. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing., and hope to offer assistance in fulfilling the requirements soon

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