Looking for that perfect gift to give a dentist, hygienist, or assistant this year? Here are some must-have Christmas ornaments for that dental professional in your life.

Felt Tooth Ornament

Crafted with care, this dental Christmas ornament features a soft, plush tooth, its white felt surface evoking a sense of cozy winter comfort.

Adding to its festive appeal, the tooth sports a jaunty Santa stocking hat, tilted playfully to one side, lending a merry and somewhat cheeky character to the piece.

The ornament's charm is further enhanced by two rosy pink cheeks, suggesting a bashful warmth, and a friendly, welcoming smile that seems to spread holiday cheer.

Tooth with Santa Hat and Toothbrush

This delightful round Christmas ornament brings a whimsical twist to holiday decor, blending the festive spirit with a dash of dental charm.

Center stage on this glossy bauble is a grinning tooth, complete with a quirky carrot nose, reminiscent of a snowman's jovial features.

Topping off this toothy character is a Santa Claus stocking cap, adding a touch of classic Christmas flair.

In its hand, the tooth proudly holds a toothbrush, a playful nod to oral hygiene amidst the season's indulgences.

The combination of the carrot nose and the Santa hat on the tooth, along with the toothbrush, creates a humorous and heartwarming image that's sure to spark smiles and conversations around the tree.

This ornament is a perfect little reminder of the joy and whimsy of the holidays, with a gentle hint to keep our pearly whites in mind during the festive season.

Dentist Santa Ornament

Behold, the most 'enamel-able' character on the Christmas tree this year: Santa Claus, but with a twist that's sure to 'brush up' your holiday spirits!

This unique dental ornament, decked out in classic Santa garb, complete with a white coat and a dental headlight, holds not a sack of toys, but a mighty toothbrush. Call him 'Saint Plaque-less', the defender of dental hygiene, ensuring that all the sugarplums and candy canes of the season don't lead to a 'floss-tastrophe'.

With a twinkle in his eye that's as bright as a freshly polished tooth, this Santa is a whimsical reminder to all: while you're decking the halls, don't forget your dental protocols. This ornament is a perfect blend of holiday cheer and a gentle nudge to keep our smiles as bright as the star on top of the tree.

Funny Mouths with Teeth

Imagine a Christmas tree ornament that looks like it's straight out of a dental comedy sketch!

This quirky cartoonish mouth is sure to draw a second glance from anyone admiring your tree. It's a riot of pearly whites, with a few conspicuous gaps where some teeth should be - giving it a charmingly goofy, gap-toothed grin that's sure to put a smile on your face. Each missing tooth seems to tell its own little holiday story, perhaps lost in a battle with a particularly tough caramel or a misadventure in nutcracking.

These dental Christmas ornaments, with their hilariously uneven smiles, are a whimsical reminder that even during the polished perfection of the holiday season, there's always room for a bit of playful imperfection. Hang them on your tree and watch as they brings a smile (gap-toothed or not) to everyone who sees it!

Dental Hygienist Ornament

This is a hand-sculpted polymer clay Christmas ornament. It pays tribute to dental hygienists and the importance of oral health, featuring a charming dental hygienist character, complete with a scaler and mask, symbolizing the dedication of these dental professionals to proper hygiene.

The ornament is adorned with the playful and motivational phrase "Good things come to those who floss," adding a touch of humor and truth to your holiday decor.

This dental Christmas ornament is perfect for the dental hygienist in your office. 


Check out more dental Christmas ornaments on our Princess Dental Staffing Pinterest page.

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Chris Lewandowski

Published November 28, 2023

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