Happy Memorial Day in your dental office!

Honor our heroes with happy smiles and fill your waiting room with some red, white, and blue cheer!

Here’s how you can give Memorial Day a floss-tastic twist, ensuring that both your veterans and patients leave your office with something to smile about.

How to Celebrate Memorial Day in Your Dental Office

Celebrating Memorial Day in your dental office can be a respectful and meaningful way to honor those who have served while also creating a positive atmosphere for your staff and patients. 

Here are some ideas:

Decorate the Office

Decorate the office with American flags, patriotic banners, and red, white, and blue streamers.

Create a Display

Create a small display or bulletin board with photos and stories of veterans, especially those related to your staff or patients.

Offer a Discount

Offer special discounts or free services for veterans and their families during the week of Memorial Day.

Run a Promotion or Giveaway

Provide patriotic-themed dental care kits, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss.

Post on Social Media

Posting on social media is a great way to increase your social media presence while celebrating Memorial Day. Share posts about Memorial Day, including stories of veterans, office activities, and ways your practice supports veterans.

Don’t know what to post or don’t have time? Companies like Crest have social media toolkits to help.

Organize a charity 

Organizing a charity drive for a veterans' organization or a local military charity is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day. Your dental office can collect donations of goods, funds, or services and share them with the organization.


There are many opportunities to participate in or sponsor community events such as Memorial Day parades, ceremonies. Another opportunity could be having your office staff volunteer at a veterans' hospital.

Wear Memorial Day Attire

Having a theme day where dental staff wear red, white, and blue, or patriotic accessories is another great way to celebrate Memorial Day in your dental office. 

Want to go all out? Offer small flags or patriotic pins to your patients.

Recognize Your Veteran Staff

If you have staff members who are veterans, recognize and thank them during the week. 

Send an Email

Send out a newsletter to your patients with Memorial Day information, any special offers, and how your office is commemorating the day.

Take a Moment of Silence

On Memorial Day, hold a moment of silence in the office to honor and remember those who have fallen in service to the country.

How Other Dental Offices Celebrate



Memorial Day Dental Quotes

Here are a few quotes you could use in the dental office or on social media:

  • United we smile. Happy Memorial Day!
  • We salute your smile. Happy Memorial Day!
  • Honoring the brave, one smile at a time. Happy Memorial Day!
  • Keeping smiles bright in honor of those who fought for our freedom.
  • Freedom isn't free, but clean teeth can be! Thank you, veterans!
  • This Memorial Day, we're filling cavities and hearts with gratitude.
  • Smile like you mean it – for those who made it possible.
  • Floss, brush, and remember the brave. Happy Memorial Day!
  • Our freedom to smile comes from the sacrifices of many. Thank you, veterans!
  • Honoring those who served by keeping your smile at its best.

When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is celebrated Monday, May 27, 2024

Are Dental Offices Open on Memorial Day?

Memorial day is one of 12 observed federal holidays in the United States. Most dental offices observe these holidays and will not be open on Memorial Day.

Why Celebrate?

By incorporating these ideas, your dental office can create a respectful and engaging environment that honors Memorial Day while also connecting with your patients and community in a meaningful way.

Chris Lewandowski

Published May 15, 2024

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