Why Is Hiring The Right Person Vital?

Time Is Money

We have all heard this saying countless times, whether we agree with it or not. 

When an employee is hired on, typically there is an onboarding and training process to familiarize themselves with the operating factors to your business, and this all-time that they are not generating revenue for you, but are being paid themselves. Investing in the time of both that new-hire employee and the individuals that are training and onboarding them can be a costly endeavor.

It is vital to ensure that we are seeing this return on investment from our employees. 

Nothing is worse than a newly-hired employee being unable to perform the job and position after completing the onboarding process and leading to more turnover and then wasted money and time. 

If you decide to keep that employee on after them not adapting or performing up to standard, you will have to dedicate more time and resources for constructive measures, or possible disciplinary measures all to bring them to the baseline standard.

We believe it is important to never waste your money, especially as a business owner.

Team Morale and Communication

Filling A Now Vacant Position

Filling a position after someone has either resigned or been let go creates a vacuum of workload throughout the company and related positions, especially if you are working with smaller teams. This leads to more of the following:

  • Other employees will stress more.
  • Other employees will garner resentment.
  • Other employees will question why that individual left or was let go.
    • This will lead to concern for their own job security.
  • Other employees leaving in a domino-like effect.

This leads to issues that are not solely related to the workload as mentioned above, but also employee relationships in general.

A common mistake that employers run into is assuming employees do not speak to each other about issues that are disgruntled with or stressors. Moving forward with this mindset can lead to dangerous implications when another employee leaves because employees do talk with each other. Odds are, the employee that is no longer working there has filled in the other employees as to why.

You want a new hire to come in and bridge that gap between who used to work in that position, and themselves. Healing possibly open wounds or uneasiness comes from personable employees.

Filling A New Position

Filling a new position doesn’t lead to as many possible negative responses from employees but there is still the possibility of others feeling threatened. Here we can find it is still important to bring on an employee that is personable and can ease other’s nerves for their own positions.

However, we want to ensure that they can still achieve the objectives set forth in a new role, and possess the initiative to trailblaze the new role respectively.

As a business, when you are bringing on an individual into a position that has never been filled and utilized before, you want to focus on someone experienced enough to lead via their role. Otherwise, we will run into the same issues of high turnover.

Long Term Goals

Do Their Ambitions Align With The Position?

Is this hire planning on staying and growing with the company? 

Do they express interest in working through way up through within the company?

These qualities are important in determining how they are viewing their own position

Are They Able To Provide New Views or Experiences?

A question that is always asked by any employer when they are thinking about bringing on a new candidate is: “What can they bring to the table?” It’s important to remember that no matter how much a candidate is liked, they need to be able to provide value to the business.

This can be done through multiple different factors such as:
  • They provide examples of presented innovations in the past.
  • They have a tried and true method for success.
    • In monetary aspects.
    • In consumer aspects.
  • They have a unique background in the industry.

Do They Want To Help Your Company Succeed?

It is important to understand what mindset they are coming into the company with.

As cliche as the question may be, asking “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is very telling.
Do they see themselves working their way up in your company, or within the same industry at least?

Or do they see themselves owning their own business using everything they have learned, meaning that they are viewing you and your company as a stepping stone for their own gain?

Innovation and ambition are all good qualities, but for the sake of your business and your own goals for success, it needs to be aligned with the direction you want to move in.

Hiring The Right Dental Staff

While everything above is applicable to your dental staff, as well as staff in general, there are some more dental-specific qualities you want to ensure. 

Are They Going To Be a Benefit To Your Patients?

You want to ensure that if you were to put yourself in the place of a patient, would this be someone you feel comfortable with? We can do that by asking ourselves if they possess some of these traits:
  • They communicate well and clearly.
  • They provide a feeling of openness through communication.
  • They are knowledgeable in their industry and practices.
  • They are able to speak to their experience.
  • They are able to explain processes simply, as if to someone who knew nothing.

You can read even more about some of the best dental candidates on our How to Hire the Best Dental Employees section!

Next Steps


So you’re taking all of these factors into account as to why hiring the right employee the first time is so important, but now what?

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