The job market has changed drastically over the last few years. 

If you are a dentist or office manager going through the hiring process of looking for dental staff, you are most likely aware of this.  

You may be asking yourself, what once I have found a candidate that I want on my team, how can I peasant an offer that has them not only excited but ready to say YES? 

Not to worry, we will go over that and more in this guide!


Because candidates know this fact, they will only apply for positions that align with their career and life goals. 

If a company does not meet those expectations, you might be left scrambling to fill open positions on your team and a dental office. 

Job seekers often have several offers (or even counteroffers) to choose from, so making the right offer at the right time is more important than ever!

In this article, we'll go through some expert advice on mastering the next job offer so your offer can go your way; your open dental positions are filled with the dental professionals you want on your team. 

Let's get started . . . 

Hit the Right Note with Compensation

The compensation plan presented in an offer can demonstrate the candidate you screened, interviewed, and are now ready to see join your dental team and that you value what they are about to bring to your office. 

Here are a few tips for creating a positive work environment and productive, happy employees; follow these tips when creating a compensation plan: 

  • Job Description: When hiring for a position, it's essential to start by creating a job description. This will help you determine which salary range is appropriate for the dental professional role you are trying to fill.
  • Organization Philosophy:  Review your organization's philosophy on compensation periodically to ensure it is competitive. A company that wants to attract great talent will have to up the ante if they're going to retain them.
  • Consideration: Consider the skills, years of experience, and education, fairly and critically so that they will stay with you long term.
  • Decide: Decide on a salary that is competitive and fair, given the realities of your industry, location (consider the cost of living indices), and company size/scale.

Up next, other benefits to consider including in an offer letter. . . 

Consider Other Benefits

As a dentist or office manager putting together an offer letter and compensation package, salary is not the only element of a compensation package. Some common benefits that other companies offer include:

  • Remote work options when possible (Sometimes hard to do in the dental field) 
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Generous PTO
  • Sign-on and retention bonuses
  • Career advancements for current employees like paying for their graduate degree or in-demand training 
  • Wellness programs, such as gym memberships, onsite yoga classes, etc.
  • Professional development opportunities, like attending conferences and workshops
  • Volunteer opportunities (some companies even give paid volunteer days!)

What about verbal offers? Are they important? What role do they play in the hiring process and candidates accepting offers? 

Let's find out next . . . 

Make a Verbal Offer

Yes, verbal offers are important. 

They can be the best way to get ahead of your competition and keep top candidates from applying to other jobs. 

Your initial response must be positive and encouraging, but allow the candidate time to review the offer before deciding. 

Take this opportunity to convey excitement about your organization and the opportunity, highlighting major points of interest in the offer — can you believe we have free coffee? — while also giving them time and space to consider the proposal.

Be prepared for negotiation on some level; it's an expected part of the process. 

Candidates may ask for more information or bring up salary, benefits, and other concerns during their discussion of your proposal and offer of employment. 

Make sure you're ready for these conversations!

Up next the offer in writing. . . 

Offer Must Be Made in Writing

When you offer a job to someone, it's best to follow up with a letter as soon as possible. 

Include all the details of the position and why you think this job is an excellent fit for them. 

Tell them about the very best opportunities for the future and see if they have any questions.

Remind Them Why Your Company Is The Right Choice

Don't just tell the candidates what you can do for them, remind them why your company is the right choice. 

Let them know how great your company is by showing social media employee testimonials, customer reviews, and videos and photos from company events. 

Showcase your culture, mission, core values, community involvement, etc. Lastly, demonstrate what makes you stand out from other businesses.

Close the Deal

You've worked hard for this moment. Once you're ready to extend an offer to your chosen candidate, follow these steps to keep that momentum going:

  • Keep in Contact: Keep in touch regularly. If you haven't already kept them in the loop about what's happening with their background check and other paperwork, now is a good time to do so. Now that they're officially hired, invite them out to lunch or coffee if you haven't already done so—this will help ease their nerves and make them feel like part of the team before they even start (not to mention help you get to know them better).
  • Introductions: Get everyone acquainted. Introduce your new hire-to-be via email to the people they'll be working with most closely. This way, they don't have to walk into the office on their first day wondering who all these people are, where exactly they sit, and how all those nicknames got started. Make sure your teammates know who's coming on board, too—arrive at work equipped with context about their skills and experience so that it's clear why you chose this person for the role.
  • Onboarding: Let the onboarding begin (as much as you can). Getting a head start on onboarding is a smart move: while your new hire should still feel like there are plenty of things left for them to learn once they start working, getting certain materials out of the way means less scrambling down the road when things get busy.  


Chris Lewandowski

Published May 24, 2022

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