How To Increase Your Positive Online Reviews For Your Dental Office

Having an online presence is crucial to bringing in new patients, and there is a way to turn your already excellent dental practice experiences into even more.
All while having your patients tell others about their positive experiences and recommend you to others on a digital platform.


Have Your Team Ask For A Review If They Hear Positive Comments

Understandably your team might be a little awkward when it comes to this at first, and that's why it may benefit your practice to include this in official training.


Overall, this is only applicable if they're hearing positive comments coming from their patients. Something as simple as saying that they are glad they had a positive experience and asking them to let us know more about it in a Google review.


 The fact is that Google loves businesses that are being reviewed positively.


You can even offer an incentivizing program for your dental hygienists, dental assistants, or other team members. This can be an incentive such as if they are included in a positive review, they are given a bonus. Or that they may even be given some other form of compensation to encourage them for the positive work.


 This encourages a positive treatment of your patients from your team members and a way to organically boost the performance of your dental practice on the web.


 Some studies show that individuals trust online reviews just as much as they trust in-person recommendations, and this should provide an even greater reason why it is important that your positive reviews shine through when possible patients are looking for dentists near them.


Sending Out After Visit Review Cards

As a dental practice owner, you should be dedicating some of your resources to bringing in new patients. However, it is just as important to know how to retain your patients.

 If you are providing an excellent service to your patients, then the odds are that they will have a positive experience at your dental office.

 What better way is there to capitalize on your already positive, and professional performances such as also being able to bring in new patients.

 As we already said, Google loves positive reviews, which will drive organic search traffic to your website. If you can, we always recommend sending out positive review cards to your patients after their most recent visit. Most dental patients do not visit their dental office more than once every couple of months, so a friendly reminder for a positive review may not hurt. 

There are multiple programs now that will automate this process for you. However, it may be good to bring on a designer in a contractor format to design these review cards initially.

 Sending these out will be a positive reminder to your patients to keep you at the forefront of their minds, as well as a way to encourage them to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, and leave positive reviews. 


Ask On Social Media For Their Best Stories

Consider featuring a positive review across all of your social media platforms on a weekly basis. In doing so, you may find that individuals are much more likely to leave a positive review for the chance to be highlighted across your social media profiles.

Engaging with your patients will bring in more reviews about your business, yes, but it will also humanize your dental practice. Everyone knows that businesses are run by people, but sometimes this can slip people's minds, especially regarding specific industries.

In the dental industry, we are very fortunate to have as much interaction with patients as we can; however, it is essential to maintain the same positivity and warmth that the practice started with, no matter how much larger our practices grow.


How do you post these reviews in a way that gains traction?

While there are entire fields dedicated to social media marketing in the dental industry the following are some easy tips that you can start implementing right away!

The use of hashtags.

The use of hashtags will allow you to organically get your posts in front of prospective patients and those interested in that hashtag. This can be used across all major platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

The use of geo-location.

Consider adding your location to your social media posts to encourage it to be organically shown to individuals in that area. This can be something to consider when using platforms that have this built into their postings, such as Instagram.

The use of paid media.

Consider running basic social media advertisements with the reviews being the content. You will be able to review your targeting and ensure that it is being shown to the correct audience. We also recommend reviewing the basic fundamentals that each platform provides to you about its advertising operations.

Respect Your Other Team Members And Their Positions

  1. Have Your Team Ask For A Review If They Hear Positive Comments
  2. Sending Out After Visit Review Cards
  3. Ask On Social Media For Their Best Stories
Posted in office management at 11/22/2021 2:30pm