Candidate FAQ

How much does this service cost?
There is never a fee to sign up. Our candidates services are absolutely free!
What happens once I register?
Once activated, your profile will be showcased in front of hundreds of local employers who are looking for temporary or permanent dental professionals just like you.
While remaining active, you will receive emails and texts inviting you to upcoming job opportunities. Accept those you like, decline those you don’t. We also recommend that you visit our Job Board frequently and apply to positions that interest you.
Can i change my profile after i create it?
Of course you can! We encourage you to keep your profile up to date, and expect you to modify it as your contact information or availibility changes.
How do I apply for jobs?
Once your profile is active, simply use the Find Jobs option to view available job postings on our Job Board. To apply to any job, simply click the Apply button in the Job details.
Employers will call you directly to set up interviews. Be sure to call them back! If you get a great offer, take it! Unlike with other agencies, you're not required to report back to us and we won't get in the way!
How do I cancel a temporary job that I have accepted?
If you must cancel a job that you have accepted, locate the job under My Jobs in your account. There, follow the onscreen instructions on how to cancel your acceptance.
I'm not being selected for temporary jobs. How come?
First, be sure to check that your profile indicates that you are available for temporary work. Second, be sure that your headshot and biography convey professionalism. Statistics show that candidates who include professional photos are selected 12 times as often as candidates who do not include photos.
When I get hired, does the doctor have to pay a fee?
No, doctors are not charged when they hire you. So they will be as excited as you are! But please remember to inactivate your account in your Account Settings until you need us again.
How do I report a problem?
Contact your local representative by phone or email. Contact information is found on the Contact Us page.
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can inactivate your account at any time using your Account Settings.