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Dental Assistant needed in our dental office

Beautiful Smilez
Phoenix, AZ  •  Permanent Job

Based on experience
Experience Required
at least 1 year
Certifications Needed
Radiograph Certified
Software Experience
Fluency In

This position is responsible for assisting in the providing of patient care services. This includes providing the appropriate clinical services, based on the patient’s needs.

Key Responsibilities

1. Be fully prepared to assist the doctor in all procedures, oral evaluations, mouth, and tongue retraction, placing and moving cotton rolls, holding impressions trays, taking alginate impressions, color matching, making temporaries, etc.

2. Record all appropriate data of patient during exam and treatment

3. Take proper x-rays, have an x-ray certificate

4. Help management of patient flow by:

a. Seating each patient and seeing to their comfort

b. Having all equipment prepared and ready for use

c. Having the room fully prepared for the patient treatment

d. Routing the patient to the appropriate person( reception, etc) after their appointment

5. Take every opportunity to help educate patients on dentistry and their treatment or procedure

6. Be responsible for maximizing production by seeing that all possible work is completed that day

7. See to operatory equipment maintenance through proper cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance of all equipment and instruments

8. Turn on and off all necessary equipment ( autoclave, water, compressor, etc.) at the beginning and end of each day

9. Other duties assigned

If you qualify for this position, please apply!

Posted about 1 month ago