How To Improve HR in Your Office

Whether you are an HR specialist or someone who has had to grow into the role...

All of these tips will help ensure that your practice, office, or place of work has the best HR program that it can.

Try To Connect With Each Employee.

A key aspect to keeping employe is making them feel wanted and important to the company.  As the main point of contact for human resources, whether this is as a specialist in the industry or as the owner of a smaller business or practice that doesn't have an entire human resource department,  it is important to have employees feel comfortable coming to you about any human resource-based need.

It is also important for them to feel accepted in the workplace. Fostering this culture can be done in many kinds of ways. One of the biggest aspects of this is the other co-workers that they're going to be working with on a daily basis. All this stems from the initial hiring process conducted by the hiring manager and ensuring they are selecting good cultural and social fits for the company. 

If you are a dental practice that prioritizes patient relations, and this is a core value of yours, you want to ensure that all the employees you are bringing on also fit into this group that you want to strengthen.

A quick and easy way for employees to meet each other, and connect with each other can be done through monthly meetings. This can also be done when someone is hired on and walking them around to introduce them to each of their co-workers. This creates a much more personal meeting than sending out a mass email to all of their co-workers with a short biography that they've written.

Give Positive Feedback.

Some view the concept of an individual doing a good job at work as a given. For, that is what they should be doing. Well, as much as we would all like to hope that everyone is an amazing worker, time has shown us that that is not the case.

It's important to reward employees with positive feedback when they're conducting a good job, and this will assist in setting the standard to other employees about what is expected. This positive feedback does not have to be through monetary purposes of bonuses; it can be through positive reinforcement via verbal or email recognition.

 Doing this also encourages and builds up loyalty from those employees that are doing a good job. In a study conducted by PayScale, They found that roughly around 27% of respondents went to a new job because they felt that they would be able to do more meaningful work and have increased responsibilities.

 By providing this positive feedback, we encourage employees to feel as if their work is valuable and meaningful.

 It would be important to recognize if an employee was able to make a patient feel very at ease going into having to receive a root canal, which is commonly something that people are scared or nervous about having done. This shows that the employee did have a positive impact and made that patient feel more comfortable going into something that would otherwise be considered scary if the employee wasn't there. 

Your Perks And Benefits Need To Be Competitive.

Benefits are one of the most important things for an employee when working full-time. The most sought-after will be variations in health benefits. A lot of this will be dictated based on your industry as well.

 If you are in an industry in which an individual does not need to work in-person to get the job done, then it might be worth considering the flexibility of working from home once a week.  This would be a large perk for many individuals who may appreciate this kind of flexibility, all while allowing those employees that would not like this to continue to work in the office.

In positions requiring individuals to be in office, such as a dental practice, it may prove beneficial to allow them a flexible work schedule. You can do this by coordinating amongst other employees to make sure that all the necessary times have been filled that need to be, but allowing them to build the schedule around what they need to do outside of work as well.

Running scheduling like this can lead to some confusion if not done properly, take the restaurant business for instance. There are instances in which it's very flexible, and then somebody calls out sick, and then you're short-staffed for the rest of the day. when running this in a more professional setting, such as a practice, or an office, a certain amount of respect for the times and schedule needs to be

 Before allowing this kind of flexibility, you need to fully express to your staff the importance of staying to that schedule once they have committed to working a certain time.

Meeting Management.

Most employees feel that at least most meetings turn out to be a waste of time. That's where the saying has come from that it could have been an email. It's also important to recognize the monetary cost every time a meeting is held. You can typically do this by calculating the sum of the hourly rates of people attending that meeting and what they are being pulled away from that could generate more revenue for the business.

 A key aspect is managing how much time is spent in these meetings and ensuring they are not a waste of time themselves.

 A wasted meeting leads to employees feeling aggravated or bored and monetary loss from the company as a whole.

Consider Designating An HR Specialist.

This is always a viable option if you are on a positive growth trajectory. Now, you do have the option to hire an individual that is specifically trained in human resources and have that be their main role; however, that's not necessarily always available.

Many smaller companies have one individual designated as the human resources specialist, and they undergo paid training from that business to learn how to operate as a human resource individual. For example, in a dental office, this may also be the front office manager that handles most human resource problems, complaints, and any other needs required for an HR department.

Next Steps

Now that you're feeling a little bit better about handling some HR issues or some of these processes that you can use to re-examine your current human resource processes oh, we have more valuable resources available to you if you need them. 

You can find some of these below:
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