6 Job Hunting Tips You Need To Know

Job hunting isn't fun. Trust us; we know.

So, how can you make it easier, more effective, and not burn yourself out?

We go over and break down some of the best tips you can start doing right now to get more callbacks and feel less burnout.

Tailor Your Resume To The Job Posting.

This is something that we have talked about time and time again. Every employer wants to feel like you're actually interested in the position at their company, and not just hitting quick-apply and submitting a generic resume, with no cover letter, or a generic cover letter that doesn't mention their company.

 If the job posting is requesting somebody that has a good sense of humor and gets along with other staff, make sure you include that on your resume or in your cover letter. 

Obviously, that company feels that that trait is important enough to them to include it on their main posting for the position, so speak to it. Treat things like that with the same importance as if they were requiring a form of certification. You would include the certification on your resume and in your cover letter if they have emphasized it in their job posting, so why not do it with other requirements.

 Speak to everything they have mentioned, requested, or said about their company if you can, and this will make you appear to be the best fit for this position out of everyone else.

 This small amount of additional amount of effort goes a long way. 

Follow Up With Your Application.

Sometimes there is more than just hitting apply and walking away from your application. An easy way to provide some more effort to stand out is to call wherever it is to further express your interest in that position. While some may argue that this can be seen as pushy, most commonly, it's seen as taking that initiative and helping to keep your mind on the forefront of the hiring manager.

For example, the person who's normally always hiring in a dental practice office is the office manager themselves. Calling the practice and even getting a 30-second conversation with the office manager just to express your interest and look forward to speaking to them once they look through the applications can go a long way.

Have A Plan For When You Are Going To Search.

Make a schedule for yourself, and stick to it. 

Treat your time looking for a new position as critically as you treat working for a position itself. If you are currently are unemployed and looking for work, then treat job hunting as your 9-5 position while taking a break after 5 pm. Then stick to this schedule or increase it as you see fit until you gain the position that you want.

If you are searching for temp work or additional work, as well as full-time employment, make sure that you have all the information you need in order to start applying.

Do you have your cover letter based on what kind of position you are applying specifically for available to be tweaked for each company?

Be Patient In The Process.

Very rarely is the hiring process ever quick for a full-time position, and it’s important to keep this in mind so that you don’t get discouraged.

According to Lucas Group, the average hiring process takes around 23 days in the United States. For higher positions, this time can be longer, and for lower positions, it can be as quick as the average of ten or so days for a restaurant hire.

For the dental-related field, the average hovers somewhere around 2 or so weeks. This can be significantly longer if they are looking for a growth hire, or it can be significantly lower if they need someone to start immediately.

Look In The Right Places.

This is one of the most important things when looking for a job. Make sure that you are looking in the correct places for your industry. Not all jobs can be found on major job networking sites that are very mainstream and not specific to certain industries.

 Let's say, for example; you're looking for a position in the dental industry, then Princess Dental Staffing would be a very good place for you to look for a position.  We offer position-specific jobs in your area for the dental-only industry. These are going to be employers that are looking to hire people for both temp work and permanent positions.

Let You References Know That You’re Job Hunting Ahead Of Time.

As soon as you begin your job hunting journey, make sure that you let your references know that you are beginning this and confirm they are still okay to be your references. Nothing puts a halt more on your process than an employer asking for references, and you have to wait days to get back to them because you need to confirm this.

Also, ensure that your references have the most updated version of your resume. This will confirm that your references have an accurate understanding of the positions that you have held, other than the one that you may have possibly held for them.

Before you hit the final apply button to a dental practice, make sure that you are ready for a phone call and fully prepared just in case they follow up with you. You always want to be ready and prepared for a possible phone call interview. So if, in the end, they ask you to send over some references before the end of the day, you don't have to be scrambling to get approval from your references to send their contact information over.

Next Steps

So taking into account all of these tips to help you better hunt for jobs themselves, there are some steps to take after you land on the interview.  You can find some of those here:
 If you still are a little unsure how to write a proper resume objective or cover letter, you can find our tips and tricks here:
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