Dental Hygienist Resume Objective

If you’re looking to get a job as a dental hygienist, you may be wondering what would make a good objective for your hygienist resume?
Princess Dental Staffing’s got ya covered! In this article, we’re going to break down all aspects of the objective statement and help you craft the perfect one to get the job!

What is an Objective Statement?

You’ve probably seen it at the top of many resumes…
The objective statement.
Some call it resume objective...others use career objective...still others don’t use a title at all.
Regardless of what you call it, if you want your resume to stand out, you need to have a strong objective statement--one that lays out your goals for the position you’re looking for and speaks to the needs of your future employer.
An objective statement is a statement included at the top of your resume and it lays out your goals pertaining to what kind of position you’re attempting to get and what qualities you’re looking for in a position. 
Why is it important to speak to the needs of your future employer? 
Speaking to the needs of your future employer is the key to writing a successful objective statement. A resume is a brief introduction and selling point of your past experiences, knowledge, and expertise, while your objective statement is your elevator pitch. The main thing an employer wants to know is, “how can this person help me?” This is what you need to address in your objective statement.
When writing an objective statement, it is important to include specifics. Whether this is noting the previous years of experience you have that are relevant to bring attention to this quickly or to mention why this specific position would be a good fit for you. 
It is also important to state the position that you are applying for, so the employer knows this was custom-tailored for them and their respective job opening. 
Every objective statement needs to be centered and cultured around the individual place of work that you are applying for and what their specialty is. For example, suppose you are applying to work for a dentist that specializes in oral surgery. In that case, the objective statement should be different from applying for a dentist specializing in co-diagnostics. 
Ultimately, you need to provide a strong reason as to why your resume should be sitting at the top of a pile versus underneath a hundred others.
Remember to ensure that you are speaking to your strong suits. Such as your experience in other companies you have worked for that you feel has made you properly experienced for the position you're applying for.  There are some instances where you may not have the experience to draw, and we will go over how to proceed with the statement later in the post. 

Entry Level Objective

Although you are applying to a more entry-level position, the overarching themes that need to be completed remain the same. 
Express the skills that would be a benefit to the employer and your interest in the position. If you don't have a large amount of experience to pull from, then it is important to pull from characteristics you have that would be a benefit and separate you from others.
Examples from this are some of the following but are not limited to them.  You can express that you're very charismatic around others and that you have a way of making people feel comfortable even when they're stressed. 
I am a well-driven, ambitious, and outcome-orientated dental hygienist on the rise. I am looking for a company that I can grow my career with,  and I believe [insert company name] is the perfect fit. I pride myself on my communication with patients and making them feel comfortable as soon as I walk in the room, and for that reason, I'm seeking work as a [insert position] with [insert company name] to allow me to master all other aspects of my position, and grow in my career.

New Grad Objective

Being newly-graduated, you may as though you have very little to speak to in a field that is competitive,  but your resume does not need to be empty,  and especially not your objective statement. 
Similar to writing one for an entry-level position when you have very little experience, it is important to pull from your own characteristics and personality traits that you have that would set you apart from another candidate. 
It is also important to bring to the forefront any certifications that you will be gaining from further education, or have already gained. 
Typically when going through education you will have hands-on experience with the industry and it is vital that you make note of any experience that you possess
This can be small, from saying you have experience using digital film for radiographs to providing and administering the proper anesthetics to a patient while maintaining observation for allergic reactions.
I am a dedicated and knowledgeable professional dental hygienist that loves patient interaction and is always enthusiastic about dental health. I pride myself on my previous experience I have gathered through my extensive education, such as [insert something you learned to do from education]. As a hard-working professional, I am looking for a company such as [insert company name]  to allow me to rise to my full potential and assist in growing the company with my excellent work ethic, techniques, and specialty. 

Pediatric Objective

One of the single largest concerns in Pediatrics is the ability to keep patients comfortable, with these concepts being even more important in the world of pediatrics. 
Children, on average, can tend to get much more uncomfortable, nervous, and scared than adults. Therefore it is important to express your compassion, and more of your emotional side instead of solely technical ability and skill as this relies more so on patient communication and relationship building than most other positions. 


I am a compassionate and considerate pediatric dental hygienist with a specialty for working with children of all ages. My expertise in working with children and parents to become more comfortable in a dental based setting is a skill I would love to bring to [insert company name].  

Next Steps

Now that you have a better grasp on how to write your objective statement, ensure that you’re prepared in writing your cover letter
Then, when you finally land your perfect interview, be sure that you are asking the perfect interview questions to your potential employer. 
We’re wishing you the best of luck in your job search endeavors!

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