3 Things Every Employer Wants and How to Give it to Them

Searching for a job is something that everyone will experience at some point. Landing our dream job is why we go to school, why we work hard, and it is how we make money throughout our lives. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to begin your career, or if you are currently employed and are searching for a better opportunity, you are still trying to find the best job for you.

Many factors are included in our criteria when it comes to finding our ideal job. An amazing company that treats you well, coworkers that you get along with, a good salary that will sustain you, and doing the type of work you love are all things that we look for in our job hunt, and are all very crucial with finding the perfect fit. 

But have we ever really thought of what employers are looking for in us? This may not come across our minds as often, but it is an extremely important thing to focus on as we interview for different companies. Thinking this through can allow us to land the jobs we really want, and to stand out from the large crowd of people trying to find a new career. Here are the 3 things that every employer wants in their next hire, and how to give it to them.

Proper Communication & Teamwork 

In this digital world that we currently live in, proper communication is extremely important as we transition from merely face-to-face discussions to digitally as well. If you are communicating face-to-face, it is crucial that you keep your message short and to the point, so there is not added information that adds more confusion. Keep your audience engaged by creating a full conversion with questions asked and input given. If you are communicating digitally or in a written form, be sure that you keep your thoughts organized, and proofread what you say before you send it. In your interview, be clear and concise with your answers and questions. Let the hiring managers know how you have succeeded with communication in the past, professionally and personally. 

The ability to work well on a team is necessary for most jobs, and goes hand in hand with communication skills. Every individual brings their own unique skills to the table, and working well together is important to benefit from each person. Working together and collaborating brings unity to the workplace, and produces the best work. In your interview, it is helpful to tell a story about how you overcame a difficult challenge by working with others. 

Strong Leadership Skills

There are many things that comprise a good leader. Professionalism, critical thinking, communication skills, and a great work ethic are some good examples of these. It is important to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are in the workplace, and to focus primarily on your strengths to build credibility and trust with your peers. After that, work hard and have passion about the work you are doing, so that your coworkers will be motivated to work hard too. In your interview, be sure to highlight times in your life where you have been a leader, and what you and your peers accomplished during that time. Give details on the steps that you took, and the amount of people you managed. 

Great Culture Fit

Fitting in with the environment of your company is an extremely crucial factor, for you and for your employer. You want to like and get along with who you’ll be working with, and your employer wants the same for themselves and for their current employees as well. Your skills, attitude, goals, and motivation need to match up with the company as a whole. 

Before your interview, it is important to research the company’s culture through the company’s social media platforms, website, and company review sites. In your interview, be sure to emphasize the qualities that you already possess that seem to complement the company culture. Talk about your excitement for the opportunity to be in that specific role and work with that company as well, so the interviewer’s can gage your interest and decide if you’re a proper fit. 

Posted in communication at 04/08/2020 5:28pm