How To Improve Your Professional Etiquette In The Dental Field

Professionalism is something that is highly favored across all Industries.


 The dental field is no different…


Improving your professional etiquette is universal across positions.


However, it is important to remember that the dental field is also very unique.


You are constantly dealing with other trained dental professionals as well as with untrained patients. This requires a balancing of expressing your knowledge and recommendations depending on the audience.

General Professional Appearance

One of the first things to consider is the appearance of your area of the office. This can range from any position that operates within the dental office. 


If you are a front office team member then this can be very important for the appearance of your dental office. You're going to be some of the first individuals patients interact with when they come into the office. Your workspace can be seen in front of patients, your supervisor, and other team members. Having a well-organized front-of-house is important for outwards appearance. This will also help the perceiving of your team members towards your organizational skills and management.


 If you are a dental hygienist then this is primarily referring to your operatory. When a patient first steps into your operatory you want them to be greeted by organization in a feeling of professionalism. All of your tools need to be organized in their rightful place before a patient ever steps into your operatory.


 Nothing can heighten a patient's dental anxiety even more like the perceived notion that their office is unprofessional, or feeling untrained.


If you are the dental practice owner then ultimately the entire appearance of the practice lands upon you. If you are the one authorized to make a significant amount of changes or invoke new ordinances, then do so for the comfort of your patients.


 However this is not solely referring to the office, this is also referring to how you appear for your position.


 It is important to recognize that you are considered a dental professional, with an emphasis on “professional”.


 What you choose to wear should be something that fits the aesthetic and requirements of working in the dental field as well as being relatively professional. Every office will have its own forms of requirements, however, generally professional attire will never hurt. 


This does not mean that your personality cannot shine through via your apparel, but it is important to still make sure that works appropriate as deemed by your office


Always Pay Attention To The Patient

 Anytime you're working with a patient it is important to remember that you should treat that patient like they are the most important person in the room at all times. You should be speaking with the patient before you begin the cleaning, and during any form of other interaction possible to help put them at ease.


It is important to make them feel welcomed and understood. It is common knowledge in the dental industry and that a significant amount of people have phobias or at least anxiety when it comes to the dental office. Speaking to them and humanizing the entire process may make them feel more at ease.


 It is important to remember that this rule does not apply only to dental hygienists, assistants, or front office team members. This applies to the dentist as well. Everyone in a dental office should view themselves on the same team, and that is on the same team as the patient. 


The patient is the most important person in the room. 


Explain Things In Easy To Understand Terms

It is always important to consider who your audience is when you are speaking, and explaining dental concepts and procedures is no different. You are a trained dental professional with experience in the dental field, and a patient will not have the same amount of knowledge that you do. 


This is where it is important to explain things in terms that are easy to understand without dental knowledge. If a patient is not familiar with what is occurring that they may only associate visits to the dental office with the pain that comes from cleaning. 


If they do so this may turn their dental anxiety into a dental phobia, and then that will ultimately lead to them not going back to the dentist and leading to further health complications.


Respect Your Other Team Members And Their Positions

Everyone in the dental office is a dental professional in their own regard. This is including front office team members, dental assistants, dentists, and dental hygienists. No matter what your position is in the dental office it is important to respect your fellow team members because it takes everyone to help make the office run.


 No position should be looked down upon for any reason. For instance, one of the largest reasons why dental assistants leave their positions is due to feeling and respected by their fellow team members or patients. No matter what every single position is needed in order for the dental practice to operate the best it possibly can for the benefit of the patient. 


It's important to remember, everybody is on the same team for the patient. 


Respect Your Other Team Members And Their Positions

  1. General Professional Appearance
  2. Always Pay Attention To The Patient.
  3. Explain Things In Easy To Understand Terms
  4. Respect Your Other Team Members And Their Positions
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