Dental assisting is one of the fastest-growing healthcare professions. Not surprising, as it's a career that provides stability, reasonable compensation, and hands-on experience without having to go to school for years. And there are lots of opportunities for advancement. 

But some dental assistants may find themselves wanting to make more money. So...

How can a dental assistant make more money?

Let's take a closer look at some key factors to consider if you're a dental assistant aiming to earn more money.

1. Certifications

Employers can give you extra tasks beyond those typically allocated to a dental assistant when you add credentials to your CV, which results in better income.

State-by-state differences in licensure and requirements exist. The Dental Assisting National Board is the best place to go for information. Use their state-search map to find more information about your area.

Credentials you can earn include:

  • EFDA: Extended Function Dental Auxiliary
  • RDAEF: Registered Expanded Function Dental Assistants
  • EDDA: Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

Experienced dental assistants are likely to earn more than those new to the business. Even newcomers can earn more per hour when they have the right qualifications.

For example, Expanded Functions Dental Assistants (EFDAs) make more money since they might be assigned additional duties and execute more tasks in a dental practice.

RDAEF and EDDA are two examples of additional functions credentials you may get in addition to EFDA.

Earning the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) certification may also help you make more money as a dental assistant. According to a DANB salary survey, dental assistants who have made a DANB's dental assistant certification get $3,500 more annually than those who have not. CDAs also get more benefits than non-certified dental assistants.

2. Who Do You Work For, and Where?

Your pay is influenced by where you work. Consider the type of practice and the location. Specialty dental practices typically pay more than conventional dental offices. Regarding geography, surveys show dental assistants in significant cities earn more than those in smaller towns. Salary differences also exist at the state level. Some states have higher rates than others.

Specialty dental practices typically pay more than conventional dental offices. 

3. Experience Pays

There's something to be said about longevity in the dental profession. The longer you work in a position, the better your skills will be, and the more knowledge you will have, and this typically results in earning a higher income. So don't be too quick to bail ship as an assistant. Play the long game and stick with it to make more money.

Don't quit--more experience typically means more money.

4. Ask for a Raise

According to data in practically every industry, employees who ask for raises earn more than those who do not.

So ask!

Of course, you must demonstrate why you deserve a raise, so start with your homework.

Describe how you've positively impacted your practice and gone above and beyond your job responsibilities.

You'll also need to know the average dental assistant salaries in your area.

Ask for more money, and statistically, you'll get it.

5. Temp

Temping is a great way to make more money as a dental assistant. If you have a few days off each week, you may easily pick up shifts using a site like Princess Dental Staffing. Create an account, set your availability, set your rate, and you're ready to go!

While some temp agencies may make you sign contracts and take a cut of your pay, with Princess Dental Staffing, you keep what you earn--we don't take anything from your pay. Just one of the great benefits of working with us!

You make it; you keep it. Princess Dental Staffing doesn't take a cut of your temp pay.

Looking for more ways to make money? Check out these ideas from INC.

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Chris Lewandowski

Published April 25, 2023

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