Why It's Important for Dental Hygienists to Have Physical Endurance


Today's topic is registered dental hygienists and physical endurance and why it's important for dental hygienist to have physical endurance.

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) has this to say about it:

Dental hygienists are moving throughout the day from sitting to standing to working with repetitive motions and moving around the clinical environment. It is important that a dental hygienist possesses the physical stamina to keep this up throughout the entire day.

So there you have it! That's why it's important for dental hygienists to have physical endurance, because you're sitting down, standing up, sitting down, standing up, moving from room to room and repeating the same motions all the time.

So it's really important for the hygienist to have that physical stamina so that they can carry out all of the necessary job duties then get their job done well.

So in addition to that, physical endurance and physical fitness is part of an overall health and wellness plan. It's part of a health and wellness just like drinking of water, eating nutritious meals and getting your recommended hours of sleep every night. So it's part of a health and wellness routine that makes sure that we stay healthy and that we are in tip-top shape to get our job done.

So if you are affected by quarantine procedures, if you're in an area that has stay-at-home orders or things like that which I think by now pretty much most of United States is affected in this way....so if you are affected by quarantine procedures and you're at home a lot, now is a really great time to set some time aside in your day to work on your physical fitness and make sure that you're maintaining your physical endurance or starting your physical fitness journey to get some of that physical endurance to help you do your job well.

And you don't have to go outside for it you don't have to go to a gym you can go on YouTube and see a bunch of free physical fitness videos, like this video on strength training for dental hygienists. I think some of your other streaming services will happen as well. I know Amazon Prime definitely has dance videos yoga videos and all those sorts of things and there are tons and tons of apps out there.

So now is a really great time to continue or maybe even start your physical fitness journey since hopefully you have a little bit of time at home and you can set some time aside for that. Just make sure that you are exercising safely and that you're not overexerting yourself. We want to make sure that we don't incur any injuries or illnesses while we're trying to get physically fit.

If you have any other thoughts on dental hygienists and physical endurance or if you have some streaming services or apps or anything that you really like to use for your physical fitness, be sure to leave it in a comment!

Posted in dental hygienist at 03/25/2020 4:24pm