Top Free Dental Job Boards

It is a well-known fact that job-seekers have a hard time finding the perfect job for them, and that employers have a hard time finding the perfect fit for their open positions. There are a plethora of available jobs out there, but also an excess of people looking for a new career. As a future employee looking for open opportunities that match up directly with their skillset, what is the best way to find them?

Luckily for people on the hunt for new jobs, job boards exist online, and there are a ton of them. To make it even better, many of them are free! This is a great way for searchers to see the various types of jobs out there and the different companies that are hiring, without spending a ton of cash. There are a lot of job posting websites which is good news, but the bad news is that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the extreme amount of options to read through.

Here is a list of the top free job boards, to make your job search go more smoothly and efficiently. 

Princess Dental Staffing

If you're a dentist looking to post a permanent or temporary dental position opening, Princess Dental Staffing is a great place to find dental candidates, including dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental front office staff.

Although the service is paid, they do offer a free 30-day trial account, so you can check it out and try it for yourself.


If you are a professional in today’s society, you have most likely heard of Indeed. With over 250 million users a month across the globe, it caters to a wide audience of employers and individuals looking for a new opportunity. As someone searching for a job on Indeed, you can use their resume database to save your resume, and submit it to various open jobs. Employers can also find you through this database, and reach out to you to apply for positions they have available. 

Indeed also offers job screening questionnaires, where you can test your skills and abilities before interviewing, to see if you would be a good fit before wasting anyone’s time. They allow a mobile version as well, so that you can turn on notifications, and get alerted when employers are interested in your application. 


ZipRecruiter is an amazing place to find great opportunities quickly. They allow a free trial, where you can search for tons of available positions and apply to them instantly. ZipRecruiter also feeds resumes posted on their site to others, such as and, which gives people searching for a new job even more options to apply to. They have a mobile version that allows you to turn on notifications as well, which keeps searchers updated in real time. You can even be notified as soon as your application has been viewed by the employer. 


SimplyHired is a job aggregator, meaning that it collects job listings and sends them out to hundreds of different job sites. This allows extreme exposure for each job that is posted, and makes it easy for people searching for opportunities to see a ton of options that are available. You can also compare different salaries within specific industries, position titles, and locations on this site, allowing candidates to have a better understanding of what they are looking for compensation wise. 


Glassdoor isn’t just a beneficial way to search for jobs, it also allows you to read reviews written by current or former employees about each company. This feature lets candidates see if various factors of the company match up well with themselves and what they are looking for in their next workplace. Elements such as salary, company culture, management style, work-life balance, and growth are all discussed by anonymous employees within the reviews. Some reviews will even include interview tips based off of the employees’ recruiting experience, which is very beneficial if you are chosen to interview. 


JobSpider also integrates its platform with other job posting sites, allowing greater exposure for people searching for available positions. Candidates can post their resumes for free on the large database that they can submit to open jobs, which also allows employers to find them based on their qualified skills and abilities. In addition, they can select to receive job postings sent to them that are similar to ones that they have applied to. 


If you are specifically searching for remote, part-time, or freelance contract work, FlexJobs is the place to look. As working remotely and freelancing has quickly increased within recent years, this website is a great way to find the best open opportunities for this specific niche. The interface is very user-friendly, and the job postings are carefully screened out to prove their legitimacy. It also lists over 50 remote job categories for every skill level, allowing a lot of flexible work opportunity options. 

Posted in dental jobs at 04/22/2020 5:33pm