Benefits Of Choosing A Dental Staffing Agency For Your Business

If you're considering partnering with a dental staffing agency, then it's important to understand what you're going to gain from that relationship.

If you're still unsure about whether or not you feel comfortable partnering with one, that's 100% okay.

That's why we are here to break down and go over some of the benefits of choosing a dental staffing agency for your business, like Princess Dental Staffing 

You Can Always Cover A Callout

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of working with a dental staffing agency. Life happens to every single employee that you have at your business, and these are things that you can’t predict. 

A dental hygienist can call out one day, and you still have to fill all of their appointments that they had scheduled. You could either damage the relationship with all of those patients by canceling their appointments and rescheduling them, or you can have a temp come in to fulfill those appointments.


How are you going to find a replacement that quickly?

That’s where our agency would come in. Partnering with dental staffing agencies like us allow you to have quick and instant access to communicating with potential temp workers, or permanent employees if you needed to replace one.

Partnering with Princess Dental Staffing helps to relieve any of the stress you may have about finding temp workers.

Streamlined Dental Practice Growth

As your company is expanding, you will need to find more new hires to meet your expansion. Whether this is bringing on more dental assistants, front office workers, dental hygienists, or possibly even another dentist, all of these positions will have to be filled as you expand.  

However, on some job posting websites, you are exposing your job to all individuals of all industries, and a significant portion of all of those will not even be in the dental industry. 

This leads to you not having access to the dental industry market unless you are posting directly to those individuals, which is the service we offer. 

What we do as a dental staffing agency is connect you with individuals that are also actively looking to fill the positions that you’re hiring for

We know that you are actively hiring for a position, so we connect you with individuals that are actively seeking a position.

You Know It’s Going To Be A Busy Week? No Problem

Most of the time, you know in advance if a week is going to be very busy, and how tight together the appointments are. Having this 500-foot view of the upcoming weeks allows you to plan accordingly, and make changes when they are needed.

Let’s say for example, that you’re fully booked up for all of your hygienists, and dentists, for the next two weeks. You know you don’t necessarily need another dental hygienist to help lighten the load, but another dental assistant would definitely be able to help through some of the processes. 

So, you use our service to reach out to dental assistants that are also actively looking to work as a temp, and now you have someone there for those two weeks that will help lighten the load for your dental hygienists and dentist to manage all of their patients

The staff is going to be calmer, happier, and will be able to perform better now that their workload has been made lighter for this hectic time using the dental assistant that you connected with.

All of these benefits work to improve the relationships that your staff and your practice are going to have with your patients. 

You Don’t Have To Pay Benefits Unless They’re a Permanent Hire

Ultimately, a dental practice is a business. In order to stay in business and be able to provide the service you want to your patients, it’s important to make sure you aren’t wasting money.

The hiring process is commonly seen as one of the more expensive processes that you can conduct in your business, and it is even more expensive if you hire the incorrect person

So instead of having your office manager scour through resumes, and reach out to possible candidates through general job posting sites where you can only hope that you happen to be hitting the target audience that you want, you can instead let us connect to people that are already going to be qualified.

On top of all of this, when you are working with temp workers, you do not have to provide any full-time benefits to them, which results in you saving money whereas before, each patient that you wouldn’t have been able to handle without that temp, would’ve resulted in a loss of money.

We Allow You To Focus On Your Patients, While We Focus On Your Growth

As a business owner, you should be able to focus on running your business. We understand and we know that the list of responsibilities and tasks that you have is long, and is longer than anyone else's at the practice.

 This is even more so especially if you are a practicing dentist.

You should be able to focus on tackling all of those responsibilities on growing your business from your patient relations, and the relations that you have with your team.

 So while you focus on the things that only you can do, a dental staffing agency like Princess Dental Staffing focuses on getting the right candidates to you.

Next Steps

 We're happy that you took the time to read about some of the benefits that a dental staffing agency might be able to provide to you and your practice. If you're interested in how can benefit you more, you can try our service here.
Posted in dental temp agency at 04/21/2021 1:00pm