If you have never temped before but have worked in the dental field then we have no doubt you have heard about other hygienists, assistants, or dentists temping for other offices.
If you have never temped before then it may seem overwhelming to start but we are here to demystify everything about temping! 

Is Temping The Best Fit For You?

If you have only ever worked for a dental office full-time then the idea of temping may be daunting when you are first considering it. It’s hard to know whether or not you think it will be a good fit for you and for your needs.
While temping isn’t for everyone, there are a lot of things that you can ask yourself before starting to help determine if it is for you.
What are you looking to gain from temping?
Are planning on temping part-time on the days that you are not working for some additional income? If so then this is a great way to start! Temping offers tons of opportunities to gain some additional income. Most temps start out working part-time in order to test the waters on whether or not temping will work for them. 
There's a big confusion that temping requires a large time commitment. This isn't the case if you do not want it to be. Temping can be only on Fridays if that is the day you have available, or it can vary from week to week.
Temping allows you to have a large amount of flexibility over your own work schedule. This allows you to determine what days you are available to work, and what days you are not available to work. So, if you are looking to prioritize flexibility throughout your workday and workweek then temping may be something you should seriously consider.
Temping will also allow you to work in certain areas where you are traveling and you are certified. If you are certified to work throughout the state and you are traveling then you are more than welcome to If you are certified to work throughout the state and you are traveling then you are more than welcome to temp in any of those areas where available. This goes back to the same flexibility that a lot of temps prioritize in their careers. If they are certified to work in multiple states they may be able to temp as they travel for additional income and for a steady income. 
However, there are some cons to temping. There is not a guarantee of a position being available on a day that you would like to work. However it is highly likely if there is a large number of dental offices in the area in which you live, but there is no guarantee. That means there is no guarantee of a steady same number income week-to-week. If you are only temping for additional income then this may not be a large concern for you. However, it is something to consider when you are determining if you would like to Temp full-time. 

Do You Have The Experience?

This is important for your own comfortability before you begin fully temping. There are some dental agencies that will require a certain level of experience before you are allowed to temp with them. For example, Princess Dental Staffing requires one full year's worth of experience before you are allowed to temp.
This is also for your own sake. If you are not fully comfortable being a dental assistant or dental hygienist then it may be a good idea to gain some valuable experience first before you decide to attempt temping. When you temp at an office it can be a little overwhelming the first couple of times. You are expected to perform just as well as all other full-time staff members, and you will be less familiar with where all of the tools are because this is not your main office. 
So it is important to feel completely and wholly comfortable with all of the responsibilities that come with your position before you decide to temp.
 It is important to remember that when you are temping for an office they are not there to train you on how to conduct the standard responsibilities of your position, and this is why it is important to feel confident in your abilities before deciding to temp.

Get Ready To Leave A Good Impression

 A large portion of temping is also leaving a good impression on the dental office and their office manager. This will allow you more opportunities to be requested to temp for that office again. This also will allow you to be a highly sought-after temp and you may be able to charge more at an hourly rate due to you being sought-after.
This ties back with having the appropriate experience to confidently perform your responsibilities. 
It is important to leave a good impression of being able to perform your position optimally. A dental office will never want to bring back a temp that was unable to perform optimally at their dental practice, and as a result, damaged the relationship that that office has with their patients.

Do You Know Who To Partner With?

It is very common for temps to partner with agencies or staffing companies in order to secure positions. Here at Princess Dental Staffing, we believe in matching only high-quality candidates with high-quality employers. 
 We believe that partnering with the correct company can make all of the difference when it comes to your temping experience.
 This is why it is crucial that you pick the best company that you can partner with, and ultimately there is no better company to partner with than Princess Dental Staffing.

Chris Lewandowski

Published August 24, 2021

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