When dental offices look for a temp, they typically look for a dental temp agency

For example, Princess Dental Staffing offers temping in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Diego, but we also recently expanded to include Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

As a dental practice owner myself, I understand the struggles of managing your practice and handling issues related to staffing all too well. 

In fact, it’s what motivated me to start this business in the first place. I remember the day I looked at my staff and exclaimed how frustrating the dental temping process was. They recommended that I start my own temping service, and that’s exactly what I did.

Princess Dental Staffing is a temping service by a dentist for dentists.

I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent building our innovative platform and, in the process, offering the dental community an alternative to the typical staffing model. 

I hope our approach saves you time and money and gives you back control over your office.

Let’s talk a little bit about the pros and cons of using a dental temp agency and why you might choose that option over an online service like ours.

Pros and Cons of Using a Dental Temp Agency

Considering the pros and cons of using a staffing agency is something every employer should do when looking for temporary help. 

Searching for the right person yourself can take a lot of time. Trust me, I know, because we’re pretty much recruiting for candidates all the time, and it’s a lot of work.

Screening for the right candidate also takes up a lot of time. Looking at their resume and verifying their license, all to make sure they have the experience and qualifications necessary for the job...šŸ˜… 

In addition, screening out poor candidates is something that sometimes takes just as much time. Imagine sifting through all the resumes that generally lack any experience in the dental field. Trust us! We get a lot of those, and it’s time-consuming!

Additionally, you can usually have a temp in your office the same day you call an agency for help.

While hiring someone to do all those things for you may be advantageous, there are a few drawbacks. 

The biggest is money. Agencies typically charge enormous fees for taking on these types of activities on your behalf. Sometimes, these fees come in the form of markup, where they tack on a certain percentage of the worker's hourly rate and keep that for themselves.

Agencies may be protective of their recruiting efforts and restrict temping or temp-to-hire opportunities.

It’s not uncommon for agencies to charge a hiring fee, and that’s one of the cons of using an agency I personally can’t stand. 

But many of these things I’ve just mentioned here are some of the things I tried to address in my own staffing company. So let’s look at how Princess Dental Staffing differs from other dental staffing agencies.

How Princess Dental Staffing is Different

Princess Dental Staffing is not your typical agency.

First, you may book temps online. Most agencies might use a Rolodex or manually call. Our system allows you to book directly online, and our temps receive notifications about your job in real-time. Your results are also reported in real-time, so you know exactly when your temp job is filled.

Next, many agencies make dental offices pay per job. Not us! With Princess Dental Staffing, there’s just one simple, affordable monthly subscription fee that provides you with unlimited everything when you sign up for our All Access plan. That’s unlimited permanent job posts, unlimited temp requests, and resume searches.

With us, there are no hiring fees. Many dental temp agencies charge a fee when you find a candidate, but with Princess Dental Staffing, you’ll never pay a penny more than your monthly subscription.

Most agencies don’t offer a free trial. Princess Dental Staffing has a 14-day free trial of their temping services. We know that once you see how easy it is, you will want to use us to fill all your temp positions.

The Bottom Line

I know most practice owners understand the value of a dental temping service. The loss of income from missed appointments is substantial, but even worse can be the damage caused to your business. Some patients who are asked to reschedule never will and, unfortunately, will find another office to fulfill their needs.

Whether you’re a dental practice owner or manager, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve streamlined the temping process, and we’d like you to trust your job with us.

As of the writing of this article, we’ve successfully filled 91,680 temp jobs. I’m looking forward to when it hits 100k, and I want your job to be a part of that.

Improve the profitability of your practice by hiring top-quality dental temps using Princess Dental Staffing.

And if you're a temp, consider temping with us.

Chris Lewandowski

Published June 07, 2023

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