It's understandable that, with the majority of roles you're hiring for, you'll need someone who has worked in the dental industry before; or who has taken on a similar job in a different sector, for example, a receptionist who needs to learn about your dental specific software. 

However, it's also worth noting that sometimes, hiring a potential candidate with little or no experience work just as well, and in the current market, with huge skills shortages, there's no better time to consider this option.

That's why in this article, we are sharing three reasons to consider hiring a dental assistant with no experience. 

Let's get started . . . 

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Dental Assistant with no Dental Experience

There's no denying that job experience usually provides benefits that surpass classroom teaching. But here are some factors you should consider as you hire a dental assistant:

  1. Externships through accredited training programs provide the initial experience most aspiring dental assistants need to land a job.
  2. Some dentists would prefer to hire a dental assistant right out of high school or college, teach them, and then give them the necessary experience.

By extending the opportunity to a candidate with little or no experience, your passion and ambition make them a better hire.

So, what could setting traditional hiring practices aside and hiring a dental assistant with little to no experience mean for your company?

Here are three reasons why you should hire a dental assistant with no experience:

1. Flexibility

Hiring someone new to the dental industry is a risk, but there's a good chance they'll be more adaptable and demonstrate more flexibility. After all, someone who has worked in the same position or industry for a long time can quickly become set in their ways. As with anything, it's not easy to reshape someone's way of thinking; often, you'll have to train experienced dental assistants to work differently in your practice.

2. Passion

Passion can be found in experienced dental assistants and assistants with little to no experience. 

If you're taking on a new employee whose career is just starting, they will often bring a passion for learning and taking in new information. 

 Often, hiring a person with little to no experience as a dental assistant and developing them into your ideal employee will make them feel valued, and they will be passionate about and devoted to your business. 

They should also be eager to work as hard as possible to acquire the complex skills required for the position. As a result, they'll work hard and be more likely to be around for a while. It benefits both you and them.

3. Innovation

The progression of any business often relies on new and fresh ways of thinking. While dental professionals, including dental assistants with many years of dental experience, will come up with interesting, original ideas, there's also a chance that they've already seen and implemented many of these ideas in the practices they've previously worked for. On the other hand, those beginning their careers as dental assistants won't have the same expectations. They might even surprise you when they bring innovative ideas to the table.

You might find your ideal applicant if you set aside the "conventional" hiring practices and consider a dental assistant applicant without experience. 

This person could become a helpful and valuable employee who can contribute brilliant new ideas with training and development. They are also more likely to remain committed to your dental practice and wish to grow. 

Bottom Line

There are clear advantages to employing a candidate without experience, but the decision will always come down to your company's needs and the requirements of the position you're filling.





Chris Lewandowski

Published December 21, 2022

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