6 Reasons You Should Work Full-Time At A Practice

We have gone over all of the benefits of working temp positions, and the freedom of your schedule that comes with it, yet, what we only ever glossed over the reasons why you should be working full time.

The key difference here is going to be what you want to need out of your employment that will differentiate the difference in needs from temp work to full-time work.

1. Your Are Less Dependent On The Economy.

Working as a temp you are likely to be at the whim of the economy to find positions that are available to you. If the economy takes a spiral downwards, it will be significantly harder for you to find work. However, if you are already working full-time for a company that may even hire temps, odds are they will cut hiring temps before cutting the employees that have been with them for an extended period of time.

The economy is something that no one has control over, and it can flip on what seems like overnight. If there was an instance in which you still felt the need to supplement your income or create an additional income you would still be more than available to do temp work on the days in which you are not working at your full-time employer. 

2. Pride In Your Job And Career.

One common complaint of individuals working as temps is that they don’t feel as fulfilled as they did when they worked in a position full time. This can be due to the constantly changing office and co-workers, and not having the time to create and foster meaningful workplace connections.

While working at a single company, you are there during its growth and are a large contributor to the growth of the company itself. Seeing the success of your career, your practice, and your coworkers can prove extremely fulfilling.

3. Consistent Work

One thing that you probably gathered from reason number one is consistency. Being able to count on your job to provide hours, and then pay consistently is crucial to your own financial planning.
As we also previously spoke about in reason number one, being able to still do temp work on the side would allow you a large amount of flexibility in regards to your income. Let's say one weekend you're booked as far as personal plans, and you would be unavailable to do temp work, then that's perfectly fine. Then the next weekend you decide you want some additional money, you can sign up to do some temp work that weekend if you have no other plans. 

Being able to balance out the “additional money” with the consistent income from your full-time position, allows you the benefits of safety and security, but also the rewards of ambition and initiative. 

No one has ever complained about having more options.

4. Full-Time Benefits.

One of the biggest you will receive are the benefits your workplace or practice are offering to full-time employees that you should consider. It is important to note that the value of these are not taken into account for the yearly salary or hourly rate when initially disclosed, so it is important to consider the true value of their benefits as well.

Some of these benefits may include some of the following or more:
  • Paid time off.
  • Health insurance.
  • Vision insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Disability insurance.
  • Family leave.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Company equipment.
  • Licensing reimbursement.
  • Paying for continued education or license renewal.
  • Workplace recreational activities.

5. Ability For Growth.

No company will invest any time that is unnecessary into a temporary employee, and why should they if they are planning on leaving? Accepting a full-time position at a practice or employer shows the employer that you are interested in growing with their company.

In some industries, this would put you in content for promotions into other positions. In industries where direct promotions are not as common, this would lead to you getting a raise on your hourly or salary rate. This would lead to consistently more income and a continued projection for hopeful growth. 

6. Paid Training And Certifications

Most practices and jobs will help cover the certifications that are necessary for you to work in your position. With these especially being continued education certifications that would prove to be beneficial to the practice or company. These will often result in reimbursement programs for a percentage of the cost.

A large portion of practices and companies will also assist with renewing your licenses and or training when those expiration dates come up. This will ensure that you are still able to work for them, and will encourage you to stay with the company during that process.

Next Steps

Ultimately, choosing to either work as a temp or as a full-time employee comes up to the individual. There are pros and cons to both, and in this article, we mainly discussed the pros of working full-time and mentioning some of the cons that would come with working as a temporary position.

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Posted in hiring process at 03/15/2021 1:00pm