Dental Assistant Interview Tips You Need To Know

If you have ever been in an interview before, you understand the nerves that can arise before walking into the room.

Sometimes even days beforehand.


We have some tips that will make you feel more confident than ever when you walk in and nail that interview.

Prepare Before The Interview

Like any major undertaking, it is important to be prepared. Make sure that you review the dental practice before ever going in. Who is the main dentist? What specialties do they have? Do they specifically specialize in a certain form of dentistry?

It’s also always a good idea to read the reviews from patients in the dental practice. This will make you more informed about the practice itself, and help you decide if this is a dental practice that you would like to pursue. If you choose to pursue that dental practice, you can reference some of their positive reviews that have been left by patients.

Then, of course, make sure you have some printed out copies of your resume to hand to anyone that is attending the interview. In a lot of cases, the interviewer were will have already printed out your resume and have a copy themselves, but if not, it is better to be prepared. We would also recommend printing your resume onto a thicker piece of paper than standard copy paper, as this helps with professionalism.

Be Ready To Personable

One of the largest portions of being a dental assistant is dealing with patients. This is true for most of the dental industry. 

Just as much as they are going to be interviewing you based on your resume, and experiences, they are also going to be interviewing you based on your personality and how easily they think you will be able to manage patients.

As a member of their dental practice they need to ensure that you will be able to maintain, and positively impact the relationships they have developed with their patients and the patient that they plan on taking on.

If trying to be personable in an interview is something that you may not feel comfortable with or something you are nervous about, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Always bring conversations and things back to what you know. You will feel the most comfortable speaking to what you already know, and what you were prepared about, then trying to speak using improvisation. 

Remember that they chose you to have the interview with. They wanted to talk to you because they believed you were qualified due to your resume. 

Believe in your skills, and be confident in your delivery. 

Always Be Positive In The Interview

When speaking in an interview, it is always a good idea to frame things in a positive light, and this includes if they were even necessarily negative situations. The more negative adjectives and circumstances that we bring up in an interview tend to frame the conversation in a negative way.

For example, what would you say if you were asked about why you left your previous position, and you know it was due to having a horrible boss?

One thing you should definitely not do is go on a tangent about the poor work conditions, work environment, and bad boss of that workplace.

Instead, make your explanation about the company that you are interviewing for right now. Maybe it is that they offer a more flexible work schedule and that something you really want to prioritize so that way you can spend more time with your family. 


They may have a better specialization in cosmetic dentistry what you are more interested in. 

No matter what it is, turn the explanation into something positive about their company and why are you are looking forward to potentially working for their company. 

Speak to Your Certifications

So far we have covered a lot of what to say and how to handle things in the interview itself, so let’s talk more about how to speak to your resume.

As we said previously, they will typically already feel comfortable with your resume if they are choosing a follow-up interview. 

No company wants to spend paid time on an interview that they don’t feel will go anywhere.

When they ask you to review your experiences and go over it again with them, make sure you include some things about each position that are not explicitly labeled on the resume. 

This will help keep the interviewer engaged, and listening to you attentively.

However, be sure that all of the major and key aspects that should be mentioned are written down on the resume. 

Otherwise, this may hurt your chance of getting an interview in the first place. 

Next, ensure that you speak to your certifications. In the dental industry, one of the most important aspects of a potential candidate is that they have the certifications that are being sought after. 

In most instances, the employer will have the necessary certifications mentioned in the job posting. 

However, this is not always the case. That is why it is crucial to ensure that you have all of your certifications mentioned, and bring the interviewer’s attention to them in the interview.

Each certification you have increases your value to a potential employer. They will be happy to see additional certifications, so there is no reason not to bring it up to them.

Ask Whether It Is A Working Interview or Traditional 

Some practices will pay for the first interview to be a working interview. This would be where you come in and perform the duties of a dental assistant for a small period of time so that they can observe and talk while you’re going through it.

Although this is less common, it is still important to clarify this beforehand. Knowing whether or not you should be coming dressed in a pair of scrubs, or professional apparel will prevent some possibly awkward situations.
Posted in job interview at 05/03/2021 1:00pm