How to Prepare for a Dental Job Interview


Did you finally get the call for that dream dental job that you have been applying for?

If so, congratulations!

Now that you have locked down an interview for the position, it is time to start preparing for the job interview.

The job interview is pretty much the most important part of your job search, because it is the time where you get to prove to the hiring manager that you are the best fit for the position. 

It is also the time where you can make a great first impression, and prove your knowledge and interest in their company and the job itself. 

Here are a 5 ways to prepare for a dental job interview:

  1. Review and analyze the job description
  2. Conduct research on the company 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the hiring managers
  4. Practice common interview questions 
  5. Plan out your travel arrangements 

Now let’s take a look at these 5 ways to prepare in more detail.

Review and Analyze the Job Description

Having a complete and full understanding of the job description that you are being considered for is extremely important when you go in for your interview.

You can basically use the job description as a guide for your interview preparation, so that you know what you need to be expecting when you go in for the interview.

The job description will list roles and responsibilities of the job, as well as qualifications, professional and personal qualities, skills, and background that is necessary to be successful in that position. 

The more that you align with the job description, the more likely you are to get the job.

Think of a few questions based off of the job description that you can ask the hiring manager during the interview, for further clarification and conversation.

Conduct Research on the Company

Learning about the company before your interview is a crucial part of preparing for a dental job interview.

Look at the company’s website and social media accounts to fully understand what they do as a company, and what their company culture is like. 

Read any articles written about the company and what they do, and read any reviews written by clients and current and former employees for some first-hand insight into the company. 

It is important to understand the personality of the company as a whole and what they value, to make sure that you share similar attributes and will fit in well within the company. 

Have a few questions in mind about the company and what they do when you go into the interview, so that they know you did research and are serious about the position.

Familiarize Yourself With the Hiring Managers

When you are chosen for an interview, it is super beneficial to ask who you will be meeting with during the interview.

If you are told the names of who you will be meeting with, whether you were given one name or a few, look them up and see what they are about.

Review what positions they have and what they do within the company, so that you fully understand who you are speaking with and what role they have there. 

Prepare a couple questions per each person that you are given a name of to ask at the interview, whether it is more about their position or a common interest you guys share based on your research.

Practice Common Interview Questions

Research common interview questions, and then write out and practice your answers to them before your dental interview. 

This will help you to relax more during the interview since you already rehearsed what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it. 

If your interview is over the phone or through a video call, make sure that you are comfortable with the technology and understand the process of using it, so that you are not late to the interview. 

Some common interview questions are:

  • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
  • What interests you about this role?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses? 
  • Why do you want to work for this company?

Plan Your Travel Arrangements

Job interviews are stressful on its own, but getting to the interview can add even more stress to the situation.

If you get lost on the way or in the building, or hit traffic or are running late for some reason, you will become extremely distressed and distracted during your interview. 

Make sure that you have the exact address where the interview will be, and search up the route that you will take before the day of your interview. Familiarize yourself with the route, and even drive it some day beforehand if you have time.

Understand what the parking situation of the building is like by either asking whoever scheduled the interview for you, or by driving there yourself and seeing how the parking works.

Have the contact information of the company on hand, just in case something happens the morning of your interview causing you to be lost or late. It is important that you communicate with them if something is going on so that they are aware of the situation.

On the day of your interview, leave early! Always give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, even if something does go wrong. If you do arrive early, check in, and go over your research and preparation as you are waiting. 

Once you arrive at your dental job interview, take some deep breaths, and know that you are completely prepared for it. Good luck!

Posted in job interview at 10/05/2020 4:00pm