How to Write the Best Dental Job Descriptions 
Hiring the best dental employees always starts with finding the best dental candidates, and the most effective way to find them is by having a proper job description

The job description that you have out there for your open position is your opportunity to connect with potential employees, and it allows them to truly understand what the job really is.

Good job descriptions are engaging and descriptive, so that the right candidates that will be a good fit for the role will apply to the job. 

You need to have a steady balance between having too much information on the job description and not providing enough, which can get overwhelming. 

Here we are going to talk about how to write the best dental job descriptions, so that you can attract the right candidates and can hire the best employees for your dental office. 

Writing Job Descriptions Best Practices

There are many different best practices for writing job descriptions including: 

  • Choosing the right job title 
  • Having an engaging overview of the position you are applying for
  • Using bullet points 
  • Selling the position to job seekers 
  • Incorporating keywords 
  • Creating a sense of urgency 
Are you ready to learn more about each of these best practices for writing the best job description and start attracting the most qualified and best candidates possible? 

Let’s take a look . . . 

Choose a Proper and Clear Job Title

The first step to creating a good job dental description is to choose a proper and clear job title. It should be exactly what the open job is. 

When candidates are scrolling through job boards and job sites, they are looking for job titles that they feel they are qualified for, or that they have experience with.

If they see a random job title, they will keep scrolling for different opportunities because they do not think they will be a good fit based on the job title, even if they actually will be based on the job description. 

Make sure that you keep your job titles clear and simple so that you can find and attract the best candidates for your open role. 

Begin With an Engaging Overview of the Position 

Starting your job description with an engaging overview of the open position is a great way to capture the attention of great candidates. 

Write between two to four sentences about the position and why it is important to your dental office, and why it is important to your patients.

This will help the candidate to fully understand what the position entails, and how it can benefit your practice as well as your patients. 

Applicants reading it will be able to tell if they have qualifications and experience to be successful in the role, and if they align with the needs of the position. 

Utilize Bullet Points

Job descriptions need to be easy to read so that potential candidates can easily understand what the job is and what job they will be applying for. 

If your job description is made up of large paragraphs and is super lengthy, then applicants will not take the time to read it thoroughly, and will look for other jobs to apply for instead. 

When you use bullet points and short paragraphs then candidates can quickly know if they are qualified and experienced enough for the job, which will lead to higher quality applicants that apply for your jobs. 

Sell Your Open Position

Since everyone spends a huge portion of each week at work, it is super important that everyone likes their jobs and their work environment. 

Selling your open dental position with intriguing detail and enthusiasm makes candidates excited for the role, and it will lead to high-quality candidates applying for your job. 

Make sure that your job description sounds exciting, but is also clear and honest. You don’t want to oversell your job and then disappoint the candidate once they actually start working in the position, and the actual job does not align with the job description. 

Incorporate Keywords 

Doing a little keyword research for your job description is a great way to get your open position in the hands of qualified candidates.

Job boards and job search websites pull based on keywords just like other search engines do, so it is beneficial to use good keywords in your job description that are related to the job itself. 

Decide what keywords you need to target, and incorporate them naturally throughout the job title, introduction, and job description.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When candidates are scrolling through open positions, they are a lot more likely to apply to jobs quickly that seem like they will be filled soon.

Creating a sense of urgency within your dental job description pushes people to apply in a timely manner, even if they are already happily employed and are not really looking for a new opportunity. 

This feeling of urgency is exciting, and it makes them interested to see what will happen if they do apply and are considered for the position. 

This gives you the opportunity to review a wide range of applications and resumes, so that you can hire the best dental employees. 

Posted in hiring process at 11/02/2020 4:00pm