Best Questions to Ask During a Dental Job Interview 
Imagine that you just got a call from the dental office that you applied to, and you are asked to come in for an interview. 

First of all, congratulations! You are one step closer to landing your dream dental job

The job interview is the best time to prove yourself to the hiring manager, by letting them know that you are a qualified candidate and the best fit for the open position.

It also gives you the opportunity to see if you align with the goals, objectives, and values of the dental office. 

While you are preparing for your dental job interview, it is important that you write out a list of questions that you would like to ask the interviewer to learn more about the position and the company.

Asking them questions during your interview will make you stand out against other candidates, and will create more well-rounded and productive conversation throughout the interview. 

Here are the best questions to ask during a dental job interview, so that you can go above and beyond and get hired for the position. 

Who Is Your Typical Patient, and What Needs Do You Have to Address?

This question allows you to understand exactly what type of patients are treated at this particular dental office, and what needs they have that have to be handled. It allows you to know how to best serve the patients that you will be working with and how to prioritize your care. 

What Is the Practice’s Dental Philosophy? 

This question gives you an overview of what the dental office stands for, and what their main goals, objectives, and values are. This allows you to see if what you stand for matches up with them, and if you will be a good culture fit in the practice. 

What Are the Biggest Opportunities for the Practice Right Now?

This question provides great value to you in knowing what is coming up in the future of the dental practice. You can see if your qualifications and experience align with what opportunities will be coming up, which will allow you to be successful in that role. 

What Are the Biggest Challenges for the Practice Right Now?

This question also provides great value for you, just like the biggest opportunities question does. Once you understand what the biggest challenges are that they are facing, you can address how you believe you can help them overcome them with your skills and knowledge.

What Are the Most Common Types of Treatments You Execute?

This question gives you information about what mainly goes on in the dental office. You can see if your experience and qualifications line up with their most common treatments, and if not, you can do research to fully understand what those treatments are and how they are administered.

What Types of Technology Do You Use?

This question allows you to be prepared for the type of technology you will be using while working in the role. You can see if you have used the type of technology before, and if you haven’t, you can do research into how it works. 

How Are Patients and Treatments Assigned? 

This question is important to know the answer to before you begin working in a dental office, regardless of what position you are interviewing for within the office. Whether you are scheduling the appointments or are working on the patients, it is helpful to know if the patients are assigned randomly or if you see the same patients each time they come in, and how to handle treatment plans with new patients coming into the office from a different dentist.

What Role Would I Play In the Dental Office?

This question gives you the exact explanation of what the open position that you are interviewing for entails, and what is expected of you if you get the job. You can see how your position will impact the dental office as a whole, and what you will be doing on a day to day basis. 

Posted in job interview at 10/26/2020 4:00pm