Best Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Dental Office

Running a dental office can be extremely challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding if it is run right. 

Having a dental office that is effective and efficient can create a positive workplace for your employees, and can lead to high-quality care for your patients. It’s a win-win!

The best way to ensure that your dental office is running smoothly and efficiently is to have a high level of productivity within your office on a day-to-day basis. 

Having high productivity within your dental office can also improve your office’s profitability, which means more money and more success for both you and your employees. 

When everyone on your dental team works together to reach the company’s goals in a safe and efficient dental office, the opportunities are endless. 

Here are the best ways to increase productivity in your dental office, so that you can provide great patient care and run an effective and efficient business.

Improve Patient Interactions
How comfortable a patient feels within your dental office begins from their first conversation with your front office staff, and continues to grow each time they speak to any of your dental team members in person or over the phone

Having quality patient interactions means that your patients and your employees are happy, and it increases the number of patients that return to your dental office year after year. 

Make sure that your dental staff are utilizing strong communication skills and active listening techniques so that your patients feel respected and heard for any thoughts, questions, concerns they may have. 

Providing training to teach your employees about proper customer service and communication skills is beneficial to make sure your patient interactions are top of the line.

Design an Efficient Office Layout
While having a dental office that looks nice and is aesthetically pleasing is important, it is also important that the design of your dental office has an efficient layout.
Having a layout for your dental office that flows nicely and is optimized to make the work day run smoothly will make your employees feel more confident in their work, and with how quickly they can get work done. 

Make sure that your waiting room and front desk area is open and inviting for your patients, so that they feel at ease while coming in for their appointments and procedures. 

Ensure that the dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists have plenty of room to work in the treatment rooms and that they have an ample amount of privacy for the patients without completely blocking off the areas from the rest of the office. 

All of the tools, instruments, and equipment that your dental staff will use on on a daily basis need to be properly organized and easily accessible at all times.

Optimize Patient Intake
One of the most important ways to increase productivity within your dental office is to optimize patient intake when they come in for their appointments and procedures. 

If your patients have to wait for long periods of time in your waiting room each time that they come to your dental office, they are highly likely to find a new dentist that makes better use of their time. 

Utilizing a digital registration system for your patients to sign in to each appointment and update their contact information and medical records makes the process quicker. 

This also eliminates the time it takes your front office staff to transfer information written on paper to your digital records. 

Using digital records and systems makes the patient experience better overall, and can streamline various processes required for each patient’s appointment.

Review Feedback as a Team
Reviewing and assessing feedback is a crucial part of growing your business successfully, and the most effective way to do this is as a team.

During your team meetings, you should go over feedback that your dental office has received, whether the feedback was given verbally during an appointment, written on a feedback form, or posted on social media or Google. 
Based on the feedback that your dental office receives you can make adjustments as a team to make productivity more efficient within the office, and to provide better care for your patients.

Use Up to Date Dental Technology and Supplies
Keeping your dental technology and dental supplies up to date is super important when it comes to running a productive office. 

The better the technology and supplies are, the more efficient they will be for your dental staff to use on a daily basis. 

If each of your treatment rooms is fully equipped with updated technology and supplies, your employees will be able to see more patients each day, and will be able to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Posted in office management at 02/24/2021 2:23pm